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UDP and broadcast packets

denkop  2004-10-03 18:09  
How to handle the answers from users who have been sent a broadcast packet. When a regular datagram of type UDPClient.Send (...) is sent, I can get a response using UDPClient.RecieveS ...

How to find ID created using SQL records?

Katrin  2004-11-11 17:11  
How to find ID created using SQL records? Provided that in the table create records at the same time many clients ...

I lost a branch about lamarasms, but I need to be tamed.

Megabyte-CeerCop  2004-11-17 07:49  
I was told yesterday by an acquaintance. He comes to his chum, and he says: “My mouse is finally buggy lately. The rag of her completely worn out. Ours of course did not understand what kind of RAG? Open ...

Why moderators are not paid for their titanic work?

ИМХО  2004-11-19 12:23  
own sabzh ...

Migration Series

Kolan  2004-12-01 00:08  
Hello, I transfer from Chart of one form Series to Chart of another form as in help "e.MainForm.Series1.ParentChart: = BigGrafForm.Chart2; Everything works. The question is how to return back. Because ...

Rereading Tanenbaum (task)

Игорь Шевченко  2004-11-18 22:27  
1) A student specializing in anthropology and studying computer science as a non-core discipline began a research project to see if African baboons can study ...

Does anyone know the size of the format A4 in pixels

Галинка  2004-11-29 07:12  
Good all day! If someone knows the exact size of А4 in pixels, or how to determine it, help my grief. Trabla mainly in the printout, I just can not get into the size of the sheet. While the code t ...

Interesting offer

Zombie  2004-11-27 23:42  
Dear drinking buddies (just kidding) !!! : D I propose to gather and create something, what kind of software, it is natural to create not for money, but on desire. In the future, the project can be rolled out on a monetary basis. :) The idea is complete ...

Dynamic arrays

Tazik  2004-11-28 15:48  
I write the solution of such a problem in D7 (in console): I give the computer a number and that one by dividing a segment by two nested ones finds it. I use a dynamic array as a yazov chunk (numbe ...


Леонид  2004-11-24 21:49  
Who will explain popularly what kind of Delphi 8.procedure creation is TForm1.Button1Click (Sender: TObject); var b: PChar; begin // end; showed error: Unsafe pointer variables, parameters or consts only all ...

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