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DMSearch Archive for the period from 2002.01.08 to 2019.03.10

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Distance from points

Сашок  2004-08-31 14:42  
Masters, help solve such a problem. There is a two-dimensional polygon. The coordinates of the vertices and their clockwise sequence are known. How to make a frame of a given polygon, i.e. Narisso ...

Question about ADC

Руслан  2004-10-14 14:50  
I am trying to read the values ​​from the ADC board. So, the real read speed of three registers by data byte takes considerable time (10000 measurements are more than 5s). The question is how to increase the read speed ...

How to make a balloon tip on top of all windows?

RTWolf  2004-05-06 19:20  
The fact is that I have a form that is on top of all windows, and when I try to show the balun with a hint from the tray, it is displayed behind the form. The question is: how to determine the hand ...

Dynamo Kiev - Roma Italia 2-0

ИМХО  2004-11-24 06:16  
We are the champions retinue! ...

How to check your program for bugs?

Dmitry_04  2004-11-29 15:52  
How to check your program for bugs? Programs like what? ...

funny - "questions of children to God"

uny  2004-11-21 21:29  
http://www.ostrie.ru/element/286049/ ...

The raise.exception.create code does not generate errors !!

Донской  2004-11-28 23:12  
Good day, dear masters !! Has anyone met such that the code raise.exception.create ("") did not cause an error to be generated, but worked only as abort ?????? I don’t know which side to go to, ...

The amount of RAM on a remote computer

Дмитрий Ботвин  2004-10-01 14:29  
People, tell me who knows how to determine the amount of RAM remote computer ??? ...

Help with the cost estimate for the installation of a local network

Гарри Поттер  2004-11-18 18:32  
In a budget organization you need to mount a local network of 20 machines. A budget estimate is required for all budget organizations. The directories of the GESN did not find justifications for these works. (m ...


123  2004-11-20 01:39  
How much do I soberly assess the situation: is this Java only in profile ?! ...

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