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Unicod transcoding

kaktus  2004-11-23 18:39  
There was a task to overtake textual in Unicode - there is a function StringToWideString (...) - it does not work! It turns out that something is not clear, but not Unicode. ...


S@lik  2004-11-11 11:11  
There was such a problem. I have two tables in one are kept the names of the invoices with the number and in the other the contents of the invoices with the number of the invoice when moving around the table of the invoices table filtering ...


noname:)  2004-11-25 13:46  
Good day! How to make so that lines in ListView were added to the end and to the beginning? not: string 1 string2 string3a: string3 string2 string1Thanks! ...

Export v Excel

sergeii  2004-11-12 09:22  
Podskazhite pozhaluista kak nado exportirovat "bazu dannix v Excel? Kakie dlia etogo nuzhni kmpanenti i eslebi bil kakoi primer bilobi prosto SUPER. D6 baza paradox, dlia obshenia s bazoi TTable.

insert into .... select

denis24  2004-11-10 16:01  
Why when I try to execute the subject through Adoquery, writes "The current explorer does not support returning multiple record sets as a result of one operation"? ...

How to compile such code?

xxxxx  2004-11-28 21:31  
this is a piece of code from DelphiX, if I put it as a component, it is going, I try to pick it up from my module, I swear that I cannot assign it "cannot be assigned to the left side" and it is correct, because it is a constant, ...

Accounting documentation

Explorer  2004-11-15 08:04  
Wizards! In a multi-user system, it is necessary to make accounting for different documentation (acts, etc.) for each user. The formats of source documents * .doc and * .xls, as well as the opportunity to start new docs ...


Денис  2004-08-06 16:03  
Check it out igruhu http://swf.boom.ru/snake.rar What will be the comments? ...

I am already looking for 80 hours the answer to the question - nowhere is there !!!

WriteConsoleInput  2004-11-26 17:13  
The WriteConsoleInput function does NOT transfer keystrokes to a console application that runs under Windows 98. At the same time, the number of unread entries of the entered data: GetNumberOfConsoleInputEvents is ...

QReport how to make a subtotal in the report

Term  2004-11-10 15:23  
QReport how to make in the report intermediate totals. value value value value value value value value value amount value ...

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