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Bobby Digital  2004-11-25 10:08  
forge numbers to be rounded to 3-s characters after the separator. for example, from the number 18894,0241, the XfUMX function to make 18894,024 returns the number 18894,0000 ... ffGeneral does not help either ... tell me what f ...

Happy Birthday! 22 November

Думкин  2004-11-22 05:28  

Delete * .ldb file

diabolik_krsk  2004-11-10 12:49  
Help solve the problem. I open the Access database file in Delphi via ADOQuery. A file with the database name and the * .ldb extension appears in the folder with the base. After closing the program (disable ADOQuery or its ...

View in Interbase

zz 5  2004-11-13 19:26  
The people, and someone in the Interbase 6 view uzutsya to edit data from several tables? Your impressions? ...

How easier is it to exchange the fonts of the two combo boxes?

Кто---то  2004-11-25 06:55  
I tried to create a temporary FF: TFont; But for some reason, when doing FFF: = TFont.Create; try FF: = ComboBox1.Font; ..., then the reference to ComboBox1.Font is written to FF, instead of data. Why? What's wrong ? ...


Bobby Digital  2004-11-29 15:42  
... but you can somehow restart the program :) ... I have to enter simulate closing the program and opening it, otherwise I have many forms and many global variables that are reluctant to create a new ...

Creating a transparent floating window

Shura  2004-10-27 09:15  
Hi! The essence of the question is this - I create a form with AlphaBlend = True, I put it to StayOnTop, but when the main form is minimized to the tray, the floating window disappears from the screen, how to make it stop ...

Fat in chocolate: myth or reality?

парамоша  2004-11-19 12:31  
I once read in KP that there allegedly exists “fat in chocolate” :), and having ordered one portion, the second one is brought free :). I traveled to Kiev in June in no restaurant in the menu ...

samsung c-200

RainKM  2004-11-23 11:13  
How do you like the phone? Who yuzal? ...


V.I.P  2004-12-01 07:39  
Need a program that will merge the site with FTP and upload to the folder, how much will it cost? ...

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