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World Cup 2006 Screening

Marser  2004-11-18 00:44  
Russia - Estonia 4: 0Turkey - Ukraine 0: 3I congratulate us all! Last, IMHO, the greatest result of the Ukrainian team for 12 years of its existence. It’s like Russian 3: 2 on Stade de France ...

Delphi 7

fayzut  2004-11-20 05:41  
And there is in the internet where you can download the full version of Delphi for free ...

How do programs write control of physical devices?

Кто---то  2004-11-19 01:44  
The problem is that when we say you give the command to the robot to raise your hand, this does not happen instantly, but you have to wait for the command to be executed. And only then give the next one. What is the concept in general written ...

screenshot of the changed part of the screen

TiMER  2004-09-13 16:12  
Good time of day, dear! Do not tell me how to remove the changed fragment of the screen? For example, I launch the application, its work is displayed on the progress bar, how to read only the changed part ...

Work with checkboxes ....

markers  2004-11-25 10:37  
In general, something I do not understand is small, I made the code that I wrote in the processing wedge in the checkboxes.

Error in delphi 7

Sicilla  2004-11-17 18:34  
Hello to all. Post a delphi 7 instead of a delphi 5. delphi 5 did not delete. And now the error: when debugging F7, for example, in the variable i, the value is 2, and it seems that there is 10 or -5. Although it is correct in general. ...

By line selection in the table

dron-s  2004-11-16 10:28  
How can I make a line selection in the TTable component so that this infa is displayed in the report (FastReport). For example, in TADOTable there is an AsString property. Is there TTable such a property or similar ...

People please help how to insert in QReport in SubDetail

red_imp  2004-11-11 17:25  
People please help, as in QReport in SubDetail insert the number of this very SubDetail ...


K@M  2004-11-21 19:53  
How to send an image in the mode of broadcasting on a delphi ??? ...

Happy Birthday! 25 November

Думкин  2004-11-25 06:11  

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