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DMSearch Archive for the period from 2002.01.08 to 2019.03.10

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How to remove this deleted entry from the recordset

Bless  2004-11-09 17:53  
The user in the application tries to delete the row. In response, the message "Row marked for deletion" pops up. Because the other user has already deleted this entry. ...


V.I.P  2004-12-01 07:39  
Need a program that will merge the site with FTP and upload to the folder, how much will it cost? ...

Create cross-report

Брат  2004-11-15 12:25  
Good morning! Faced such a problem. My table is dynamically formed, and the number of columns is variable. There may be one column, or maybe 100. Please tell me what is the best ...

Decimal places.

Pertovsky  2004-11-10 13:28  
I need a number with 6 (six) decimal places to be displayed in the field. And although everything is in order in the database, only 4 is in the application and in the grid and DBEdit. In the database field type - Decimal (Precision ...


BKGG  2004-10-01 19:58  
Is it possible to read the outgoing / incoming traffic (packets) of my computer using Sockets? ...

Delphi errors

Express  2004-11-28 20:47  
Wizards I have such an error, how do I get rid of it? Delphi reinstalled, the distribution is not buggy !!! Here it is: Access violation at address 0078C768 in module "vcl60.bpl". Read of address 0000002C.Ru ...

How to dynamically create a drawing on a form

Галинка  2004-12-01 12:01  
The problem is this. We need two Aida forms: one simple and the other with a pattern. In addition to this figure, they are no different. how can I dynamically create a drawing if necessary and display it on a form ... ...

Brain drain

ИМХО  2004-11-18 12:02  
I like English rhyming word formations. For example, brain drain - "brain drain" Let us remember again? ...

Help with code

Sanya  2004-12-01 14:03  
Good day. Please tell me what code is needed in order for the Label to show the number of rows in the DBGrid. ...

POP3 Using

квакер  2004-10-01 19:59  
Having just written a program for me, I need it to scan all the letters on the server and if there is "03." in the subject line (there are still numbers after the dot), then it should be displayed in Memo. I use NMPOP3. that's what ...

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