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markers  2004-12-01 10:29  
People, I need to make a program for a suite of computers of my organization, the maximum number of 30 computers, infiles are extremely inconvenient in this case, too much work, etc., I want to do ...

help user

Homa_Programer  2004-11-25 23:16  
Removed by the moderatorNote: Design the topic ...

About interception of messages

Redhopter  2004-10-29 23:00  
Hello comrades !!!! Help me find the error in the DllCode library hook_dll1; uses Windows, Messages, dialogs, system, Forms; var SysHook: HHook = 0; Wnd: Hwnd = 0; func ...

And with expanded under MSSQLServer nobody worked?

Layner  2004-11-12 09:06  
Created CP (code below), should return a selection. So far, just unmistakably performed, and that is good. But the sample does not return. Help is needed with the return from the HP sample: (Ie the code with UPDATE, DELETE you ...

Implementing work between network segments

Agent-Smith  2004-10-03 20:44  
Good day, Masters! In general, such a problem. Some games have the ability to work only on the local network (without entering IP). Those. creating a game on one computer, and other users ...

DATAPUMP conversion example or article

Алекс  2004-11-15 14:08  
I apologize, but scrolling through the books on Delphi did not find either an article or an example. I tried to search Google ... but it's not that ... there is no normal description of the conversion, just why we need this program. If anyone knows ...

Cancel the error message

Dik  2004-11-13 02:23  
After running ExecSQL, if there is an error, IB issues an error message on the screen, how to cancel the display of this message on the screen, and process it in the program ...

How to clear the base?

Dmitriy O.  2004-11-09 08:16  
If in IB there is a lot of records in which thread and if this tab is cleared. That leaves a lot of hidden trash. How to take out this garbage? ...


Rand  2004-11-26 03:14  
How to put data (icons / text) in the subject. StringGrid is simple, but only the text ((...


breakmaster  2004-07-19 19:04  
I have a question for those who have already met my igruha (http://grey100.narod.ru/megamaze.exe) here you all said control dibilnoe. And how can I do more for 7 types of weapons and so that all of them can be .. .

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