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DMSearch Archive for the period from 2002.01.08 to 2019.03.10

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PChar TO String

Davinchi  2004-11-29 20:42  
Gentlemen, probably a stupid question, but how to correctly translate Buffer: Array [0..255] of Char to Str: String, while throwing out all line breaks and empty characters or "krakozyabry" that are not normally from ...

Bitter life experience ...

ИМХО  2004-11-18 12:20  
Is it easy: to live with an unloved person and pretend that you love him? I am sure that many men are simply incapable of it. And women, it turns out, they can. Easily! That's the conclusion I came to ... ...

Find out the way to excel

griff  2004-10-28 15:38  
Help a newbie: how can you programmatically find the location of Excel for different versions of Windows / Office? ...

Bad TTcpClient

Piter  2004-08-10 15:20  
Here was my program based on TTcpClient. And it turns out everything is buggy on it, connections are not made in the case of a transparent proxy, for example. And some more glitches. Used it in blocking ...


Луарвик  2004-09-30 08:57  
And where is infa, on the use of the component? And the main question: how to send a request to the Post using it? Do not speak about idHTTP because: http://www.delphimaster.ru/cgi-bin/forum.pl?id=1096368986&

People tell me with AI

NightFire  2004-08-17 11:38  
I have two questions for the 1 masters, I’m writing a game like BOMBER-Men, and where to start writing AI from monsters in this game. 2 can be used to make them move ...

Capturing InterBase DeadLock via OnUpdateError does not help

kostan  2004-11-12 04:59  
Delphi catching error messages (InterBase DeadLock) via DataSet.OnUpdateError does not catch! (breakpoint) (in terms of detecting a competing change of a record by another program) ...

COM: Falling client and server

VaS  2003-12-08 17:23  
Server and COM client (OPC, although it does not matter). Stress test: In 15 streams, the client continuously creates server com objects, performs a couple of methods for each of them, and releases the interface. Server process memory ...

use the arrows on the keyboard

frEE)stylEr  2004-11-29 19:13  
I want to make in my program that when I press the up or down arrows, the volume of the sound changes .... I kind of did it, but this change of sound happens only if you press the arrow and ALT .... just ...

How do programs write control of physical devices?

Кто---то  2004-11-19 01:44  
The problem is that when we say you give the command to the robot to raise your hand, this does not happen instantly, but you have to wait for the command to be executed. And only then give the next one. What is the concept in general written ...

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