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DMSearch Archive for the period from 2002.01.08 to 2019.03.10

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Adding a column!

Автор333  2004-11-11 12:49  
Hello! There is a base. The FibDataSet component, which clings to the base and is filtered by condition. There is a mass column in the base. Can you please tell me how to calculate it? ...

Rereading Tanenbaum (task)

Игорь Шевченко  2004-11-18 22:27  
1) A student specializing in anthropology and studying computer science as a non-core discipline began a research project to see if African baboons can study ...

Password is not suitable for your nickname (_RusLAN)

RusLAN_  2004-11-21 18:35  
Registered nickname and password forgot. Dear moderators, is it possible to send a password to the address specified in the questionnaire? ...

TDBGrid Fields

Богдан  2004-11-16 18:49  
How to program the ability of the user to select the value of the TDBGrid field from one form and write to another form in TEdit, thanks in advance for the answer. ...

Checking mail

Sicilla  2004-11-24 20:06  
Good day! Anywhere you can find a sample program, how to view the presence of mail in my mailbox, somewhere on the server? Thank you in advance ...

Strange question about the buffer;)

Undert  2004-11-23 21:54  
It is given: ptr1 = pointer, size = data size (simple) p = positionn = numberptr2 = pointerPrice: Copy data from ptr1 to ptr2 starting from byte p by number n I remember there was something CopyMem and CpyMem, now ...


Луарвик  2004-09-30 08:57  
And where is infa, on the use of the component? And the main question: how to send a request to the Post using it? Do not speak about idHTTP because: http://www.delphimaster.ru/cgi-bin/forum.pl?id=1096368986&

Happy Birthday! 21 November

Думкин  2004-11-21 05:35  

Need a program to work with window handles.

Саке  2004-11-19 11:33  
Tell me a program like WinSight32 with more features ...

Help with the cost estimate for the installation of a local network

Гарри Поттер  2004-11-18 18:32  
In a budget organization you need to mount a local network of 20 machines. A budget estimate is required for all budget organizations. The directories of the GESN did not find justifications for these works. (m ...

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