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Bobby Digital  2004-11-29 14:45  
How to open combobox programmatically? ...


sergeii  2004-11-09 13:37  
Tell me how it is possible to filter the information that lies in the table, I need to filter on the column that has the type integer. Those. there are numbers in the column from 1 to 10000 and I need to show ...

converting a variant to tguid and vice versa

alo  2004-11-26 23:34  
as? ...


serko  2004-11-28 14:17  
I write (fm.FindComponent ("DateTimePicker1") as TDateTimePicker) .date: = strtodate (dt) where Fm: Tform; When you start the program, the Undeclared identifier "TDateTimePicker" is written. ...

How to compile such code?

xxxxx  2004-11-28 21:31  
this is a piece of code from DelphiX, if I put it as a component, it is going, I try to pick it up from my module, I swear that I cannot assign it "cannot be assigned to the left side" and it is correct, because it is a constant, ...

Thread safe class

Fktrc  2004-11-25 06:09  
I implement a subject as follows: TSafeThread = class private fCriticalSection: TRTLCriticalSection; fField1: Integer; fField2: ...

Enlighten SMS gateways.

OneFragLeft  2004-11-23 00:23  
What is it and what to eat them with? ...

SQLOLE How to get the name of a query column?

SAndre  2004-11-15 15:20  
How to get the name of the columns after executing the query? MS SQL 6.5, Delphi 5. I execute commands: SQL: = CreateOleObject ("Sqlole.SQLServer"); Ret: = SQL.Databases.Item ("pubs"); QRes: = Ret.ExecuteWithResult ...

Java translator / interpreter

wolf1979  2004-11-19 20:34  
I have jad and jar files downloaded from a cell phone (a regular java game). I want to run it on PC. But I can not! running java -jar <file name> does not give any results. Please, if someone knows ...

Another question about SMTP and POP3 servers

Sour  2004-11-23 08:02  
Is it necessary to register a domain for their work, or is it enough just external ip? Application to the branch: http://www.delphimaster.ru/cgi-bin/forum.pl?id=1101020589&n=3 ...

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