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DMSearch Archive for the period from 2002.01.08 to 2019.03.10

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Excel hangs when opening external data: (

Nikolay M.  2004-11-23 12:03  
Maybe who faced? There is Eksel on one machine (a glitch both in 97, and in 2000), we press in it Data-External data-Create a query and it hangs tightly. If you call msqry32.exe with your hands, create a query in ...

Stinging Canvas

Pentium133  2004-11-26 17:05  
Masters help solve this problem. Already a couple of days I suffer. I have two TBitMap "a. The first is an image (photo, drawing, etc.). I form the second one myself: Str: =" Test string "; txt.Hei ...

connect to Oracle via ODAC

EthernalWonderer  2004-11-09 12:31  
Dear Masters! Tell me, please, what can cause this behavior of the client program: We have Oracle 9.2 over Win 2000, in the client program ODAC 3.5 Net. When the clients and the server are on ...


Ivolg  2004-10-28 13:14  
How mona to check how many disks you have on your computer (A, C, D, E ...., etc.) and add a list of available t-disks in the ComboBox THANKS !!! ...


Olga_cc  2004-11-12 12:38  
Hello to all! I have a problem again ..: (tell me in the report to make a table ???? ie like in Ixelle I learned how to make horizontal lines but how to make vertical lines if at all possible ... cn ...


Ivolg  2004-10-28 11:04  
Hello !! Help create a shortcut with Delphi !! Thank!! ...

Car owners

dmk  2004-11-19 23:48  
Share your experience when buying winter tires. What is better? I want to meet the 400 $ with the disks. ...

I returned!

Rand  2004-11-23 01:17  
I finally returned to this site ... ...

dxDBGrid and Hint

MakNik  2004-11-03 15:59  
Tell me plz. How in dxDBGrid when hovering over the column heading in the tooltip to display the full name of the column? ...

Why does DispatchMessage issue AV?

Aleksandr.  2004-10-26 13:29  
an apishny window is created for the message texts, a separate thread, an event is sent to it, and the main thread goes into waiting for the event to be set: P: = StrNew (PChar ("UpdThread")); ...

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