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dbchart delphi7

stud  2004-10-29 13:25  
How to programmatically change the title attribute? dbchart1.Title.Text.Clear; dbchart1.Title.Text.Add ("text ..." + month_str [g] + "text"); it swears at such a code, gives av ...

Enlighten SMS gateways.

OneFragLeft  2004-11-23 00:23  
What is it and what to eat them with? ...

Tell me by arrays

Руслана  2004-11-25 18:26  
There is an array of MyArray: Array [0..10] of byte; I create a second array of TEMPArray: Array [0..10] of byte; I want to copy one into anotherTEMPArray: = MyArray; There is an incompatibility error ... But the size and that. ..

How to make fixed columns in DBGrid-e

HELPMEPLEASE  2004-12-01 06:49  
Such as in StrinGride or in MS Ecxel (fastening areas) ...

problem installing soundin component

FR!  2004-05-04 07:08  
I can not install the component to record sound sound. When I install it I swear at the mmsystem module, it says dublicate resurse. I will not give you mind. I have been suffering for two days. ...

How to get unique information about the computer

DL  2004-10-23 19:20  
How can I find out information about installed boards in the system manager? Manufacturer mat. motherboard, manufacturer and model of the video card and a very desirable serial number (or any other, number, individual ...

Runas command run

olevacho  2004-10-30 15:56  
There is a runas command in Windows XP. It allows being in the system under one user to execute another command or external program on behalf of another user. Problem is what you need ...

Resources again

Dot  2004-11-30 22:18  
РњР ° стерРР. Опять СЌС‚РѕС ‚РІРѕРїСЂРѕСЃ. RїRѕR "P ° R · Röhr" RїRѕ C "RѕSЂSѓRјSѓ RЅRμ RЅR ° C € RμR" P "P ° R · RoS,SЊ RјRЅRѕRіRѕ RЅRμ RјRѕRіSѓ S,SЂR ° C" C "RoRє RґRѕSЂRѕRіRѕR№ = (P S,R ° Rє РєР ° Рє РјРЅРµ Р · Р ° менить ресурсс РІ С „Р ° Р№Р» Рµ.Р ”опустШм Сѓ меня есть html-С РРР РРР РРР РРРР РРРР РРРСРјРЃРЃРЊРЊРСЏ есСьттмим Сѓ меня есССЊСЅСЅРёРЏС РѓРµРЅСЏ есСстЂим Сѓ меня еѵССттииу меня РµСЃС Р ° Р№Р »Р тР° Рє РјРЅРµ РЅР ° РґРѕ РЅР ° РїРёСЃР ° ть РїСЂРѕ ...

Work with reference books

Explorer  2004-11-16 12:47  
Wizards! How to organize a connection of this type (now like this): Table1 - (..., Id_table2, Id_table2_1 ...) - employee cardTable2- (ID_table2, NameDolgnost, ....) - list of postsIn Id_table2 - ...

http://delphibase.endimus.ru/ - поддерживают до сих пор?

panov  2004-11-19 22:24  
Interestingly, enthusiastic authors support the base still or not? I wanted to place the code, but it exceeded 4. I wrote a letter, so I think - they will answer or not ... ...

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