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About this website

Many search engines are based on well-known methods and algorithms developed even before the advent of the Internet. The general task of information search on the Internet is to find documents that meet the user's information needs. Ten years ago, the Internet user had no problems finding the necessary information. However, over time the situation has changed and now we don’t even always understand what needs to be done to search for the necessary information.
This resource is a thematic search engine on the old branches of the famous forum. www.delphimaster.ru. The system implements the so-called full-text search in logical mode, you can read all the features of the search string of this mode. here. The previous first version of the search engine has proven itself well among users, but was not adapted for expansion. In the current second version, the structure of storage and access to data has been significantly redone, backward compatibility with the first version is also preserved, all old links should work, if this is not the case, please write me about it on e-mail indicating a specific broken link.

Version History

2.9 <2019.04.23
The display of advertising blocks has been reworked, mobile advertising has been connected
Optimized display of pages / view / * under small screens of mobile phones (normally displayed with a width> = 320px)
Added code Yandeks.Metrika (very convenient to track user actions)
Automatic page translation service is connected. https://gtranslate.io/
Redid the site map creation script sitemap.xml and file robots.txt under the multilingual requirements of the site
Fixed a bug with the return code 404 Not Found
Before the search query, added a link in the form of a plus sign, when clicking on it, all words shorter than 4 characters are deleted from the query (no search is performed on them), a plus sign is added to the rest of the words (which means that the word must be present in the sample), optimal for filtering most requests
In the search results, links now lead to the full branch of the form. / view / {idFindThread} / all # msg {idFindMessage}, and under these links almost all search words (except for official words - code, font, span and color) from the fields "s"And"user"

2.8 <2019.03.15
Moved to MySQLi
Optimized search query, searches faster, but in a different way.

2.7 <2012.04.08
Updated mapping archives by date
Added to web archive https://web.archive.org/web/*/www.delphimaster.net

2.6 <2011.08.30
Redesigned display of search results:
One-click sort direction, different colors of even and odd lines (IE users expect normal support for CSS 3);
Started work on automating archive updates;

2.5 <2011.05.03
Added adsense block by type links / view / * / *

2.4 <2011.03.31
On the / archive page added links to archives by date;
On the pages / view / * a link was added to the forum where the branch was created;
On the pages / view / * a block with random links has been added for linking "in depth" (thanks DVM for a tip);
Advertising is tested (a banner in the header on the sale of the domain), in the 2.5 version it will be possible to "move" to dig adsense, we still need to help Max :);
Links to unfilled sections are disabled;
Added links to messages in branches, view / view / branch number / message;
Added a very simple manual system for disabling search, generating random block, etc.
if the search is disabled you can always use an external search by reference
Added by Sitemap
Partial redundancy of service information (ID mostly) completed
later this copy can be used when building the sql patch to fix my jamb with old archives;

2.3 <2010.09.20
Several changes in the display;
Added text access / search protocol for DMClient: protocol description;
Added SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS to calculate the number of lines;

2.0 <2009-12-14
The base structure has been reworked, now one message - one row in the table;
The display of branches is created from the base on the fly;
Converted old archives from html to xml;
Site map made sitemap.xml, registration of a card in Google and Yandex;
Basic specification support Opensearch;

1.0 <2009-07-12
Corrected base structure, one branch - one row in the table;
fulltext * 1 (full transition to full-text search);
Moving to a paid hosting and domain delphimaster.net (thank KilkennyCat);

0.4 <2008-08-30
Moving to php/mysql;
Free Hosting;
Output pages are stored in separate files;
Search through mysql (unformatted data is stored in the database, only the unique words of the entire branch);
fulltext / 2 (I understand full-text search);
Sharpening under hosting restrictions on file size,
the number of files in the folder and the limit of memory allocated to the script;

0.3 <2007-10-23
Experimenting with this idea on Delphi/InterBase;
Interbas's terrible brakes when searching; what am i doing wrong?
Thoughts on the availability of information For others (basic idea of ​​this site, everything else from this)
lead to the need to study php and the release of the next version;

0.0 = 2007-04
Design ideas on paper :)

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