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How to search?

The following are search capabilities:
  • Search is performed by words consisting of more than three characters.
  • If you do not know the end of the word, then you need to add the symbol *. Request example: devex *
  • To exclude a word from the sample results, you should put a minus sign in front of it. Sample request: -delphi
  • to include any word / words in the result of the sample, you should put a plus sign in front of it, note that if you specify several words with a plus sign, the number of found branches can be significantly reduced. Request example: + delphi + jedi
  • The <> operators are used to change the contribution of a word to the value of relevance that is attributed to the string. The operator <reduces this contribution, and the operator> increases it. Request example: <delphi
  • The preceding word ~ ​​("tilde") acts as a negation operator, causing the negative contribution of the given word to the relevance of the string. They mark unwanted words. The line containing such a word will be rated lower than the others, but it will not be completely eliminated, as in the case of the operator - "minus".
  • a phrase enclosed in double quotes corresponds only to strings containing this phrase written literally. Example: "Problem s GetKeyboardState"
  • words can be grouped using parentheses. Request example: (+ VirtualKeyCode + integer) (+ Interbase + Console)
  • dates are entered in the format YYYY-MM-DD, and it is not necessary to enter completely, it is enough to enter only the year or the year and the month, there are all branches from the starting date to the final one.
  • To search for all messages in which the user wrote or wrote about him, it is enough to set the name of this user in the search line. Example: + RIMMER. You can also find a branch if you know the users who wrote in this message: + KilkennyCat + Kerk
  • Also, if you are looking for the source code of a particular author in the code tag, you can specify in the query string queues and in the field the author of the message write the name, for example - Kerk

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