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maxistent ©   (2004-11-29 09:35) [0]

Greetings to everyone and everyone else! Brotherhood! Who knows how to make my program read data from a magnetic card reader (card reader)? The user ran a card and in my window appeared "card number = 123456789 ..." ... etc. etc ... I have a beer :) ...

KSergey ©   (2004-11-29 09:45) [1]

Or he can contact the supplier acc. device? In fact, he knows better than anyone here present how to turn to his shit ...

Ega23 ©   (2004-11-29 10:34) [2]

For $ 1000 I will provide the code for the driver, API library and units in Delphi.
HID reader, works both via ISA and USB.
Beer will not be enough ...

Rule ©   (2004-11-29 10:38) [3]

in general, many card readers can be included in the keyboard’s break, and when you swipe the card with a reader, it somehow dials the card number from the keyboard and finally presses the enter, send beer by mail :)

maxistent ©   (2004-11-29 16:19) [4]

VERY funny :( ... I have a problem here, and they are having fun ...

sniknik ©   (2004-11-29 16:29) [5]

not funny. really most often found in the gap Claudia ... and even built into the Claudia itself. reading does not differ from reading from the keyboard ... but if it is different from you, then it means that the honey bees did the wrong honey, without specifying what kind of device it is more accurate.

simpson ©   (2004-11-29 16:30) [6]

Like, the more branches, the higher the likelihood that your question will be noticed?

See: http://delphimaster.net/view/4-1101710405/

maxistent ©   (2004-11-29 16:34) [7]

-> simpson © (29.11.04 16: 30) [6]

Not. I just don’t know which branch the question should be related to ... Comrades, maybe you will find at least a small example or at least a piece, eh?

maxistent ©   (2004-11-29 16:35) [8]

-> simpson © (29.11.04 16: 30) [6]

Not. I just don’t know which branch the question should be related to ... Comrades, maybe you can find at least a small example or at least a piece? How to do, huh?

simpson ©   (2004-11-29 16:39) [9]

> maxistent © (29.11.04 16: 35) [8]

Then leave it to the moderator. He has such a job. :)

maxistent ©   (2004-11-29 16:47) [10]

Leave the mods alone! Help me better !!!

Ega23 ©   (2004-11-29 16:48) [11]

Help me better !!!

How to help something?

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