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There is a description of functions in C ++, how to properly describe in Delphi? Find similar branches

jiran   (2004-11-30 15:15) [0]

There is a description of functions in C ++
gc_Openex (LINEDEV * linedev, char * devicename, int mode, void * usrattr);
- The function is called from dll, there is a description only but C ++, but you need to contact from delphi, I'm trying to describe:
gc_Openex (LINEDEV: Pointer, devicename: array of char, mode: Integer; userattr: Pointer);
And along the way, this is not right! Help pliz how to describe this function on Delphi correctly?
From C ++ code it is called as:
gc_Openex (& port [index] .ldev, port [index] .devname, 1, (void *) & port [index])
Help pliz, otherwise I'm burning!

KSergey ©   (2004-11-30 15:31) [1]

gc_Openex (var linedev: LINEDEV; devicename: PChar; mode: Integer; var userattr);

KSergey ©   (2004-11-30 15:32) [2]

Have you ever tried to use it in a dolphy, to be honest? And then the one you quoted "for a dolphin" will not even compile ...

han_malign ©   (2004-11-30 15:48) [3]

considering that neither the type of the returned result nor the layout is specified (I suspect cdecl so) - then you can still guess for a long time ...

jiran   (2004-11-30 15:56) [4]

The example compiles, I just don’t know C ++, but I have to do it.
I also have a question, another function in C ++ is described as:
typedef struct { long magicno; unsigned long flags; void * evtdatap; long evtlen; long evtdev; long evttype; LINEDEV linedev; CRN crn; void * extevtdatap; void * usrattr; int cclibid; int rfu1; } METAEVENT, * METAEVENTP; // Function int gc_GetMetaEvent (METAEVENT * metaeventp);
The function must populate the METAEVENT structure.
What am I trying to do (most likely wrong, pliz help)

type METAEVENT = record magicno: Longint; flags: Longword; evtdatap: Pointer; evtlen: Longint; evtdev: Longint; evttype: Longint; linedev: LINEDEV; crn: CRN; extevtdatap: Pointer; usrattr: Pointer; cclibid: Integer; rfu1: Integer; end; type METAEVENTP = ^ METAEVENT; // I describe it as function gc_GetMetaEvent (var metaeventp): Integer; // And try to use as gc_GetMetaEvent (@metaevnt);

And the structure is filled with complete nonsense, think me pliz.

jiran   (2004-11-30 15:58) [5]

By layout:

function gc_OpenEx (var linedev: linedev; devicename: PChar; mode: Integer; var usrattr): Integer; cdecl; external "c: \ Program Files \ Dialogic \ LIB \ libgc.dll" name "gc_OpenEx"; function gc_GetMetaEvent (var metaeventp): Integer; external "c: \ Program Files \ Dialogic \ LIB \ libgc.dll" name "gc_GetMetaEvent";

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