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Hacking programs! ! ! Find similar branches

dr_neo   (2002-03-21 17:45) [0]

This is probably not quite the topic, but nothing, can someone answer?
I have such a problem, I want to write 2 programs on delphi 6. And the most important thing is that from one program you could enter another (hack) and use its functions, procedures, change something in it (for example: entered from the program "AAA.exe" into the program (hacked) "BBB.exe". Changed there label u shape, made u buttons visible etc.)

Alx2   (2002-03-21 17:53) [1]

> and use its functions, procedures
sharpen prog under OLE, DDE, etc.

Digitman   (2002-03-21 17:56) [2]

So what are the problems? Specifically? Take and write)
Only here, in the classical sense, “hacking”, what you described, as it were, has no relation at all - access to anything and no “hidden” OS objects of one process from the other side can be called “hacking” with great strain.

MAxiMum   (2002-03-21 18:11) [3]

It’s relatively simple to change properties in another Exe file written in Delphi. For this there are a number of programs. The fact is that Delphi component properties are stored in the program resources. By changing these resources, you can safely change the properties of components. What are resources and where properties can be hidden - resource editor (Delphi \ Demos \ ResXplor). This is a weak program, but it illustrates something.

McSimm   (2002-03-21 18:37) [4]

> MAxiMum ©
This is not about changing the exe file but about changing the properties of Delphi objects of another program at run-time.

I did such a thing ... for Delphi 1. - You can walk almost all objects and their properties. If necessary - I will look.
For a 32-bit application, this focus does not work.

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