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AlexRaza   (2002-03-19 22:08) [0]

Hi all!
No one was able to help yesterday, but today ...

The question is: how to get the name of the file being dragged
on the program shortcut for later use when downloading the program itself. As on Winamp we drag and it plays the file being dragged.

It is desirable a piece of code, if not sorry.
Thanks to everyone who answers.

Фэ   (2002-03-19 22:21) [1]

Laid out, check out.

AlexRaza   (2002-03-19 22:24) [2]

Thank you Fe!

AlexRaza   (2002-03-19 22:31) [3]

The component is certainly good, but I do not understand how to find out
the name of the file just before the launch of the program and transfer this name to it.

Фэ   (2002-03-19 22:41) [4]

Soapy, how do you know your name before it is born?
What are you talking about?
Or did I miss something?

VID   (2002-03-20 01:16) [5]

Throwing a file on the program's shortcut, you thereby launch the program with parameters.
ParamStr (1) will return to you the name of the file thrown on the program's shortcut.
Access to this line can be obtained, for example, when creating a main form.

AlexRaza   (2002-03-21 22:35) [6]

> VID © (20.03.02 01: 16)
Thanks, read just now. True himself in the subway before
caught up and implemented on a piece of paper! Checked-Works !!! But anyway, thanks to all for answering.

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Current archive: 2002.04.01;
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