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Help to hide the form! Find similar branches

S   (2002-03-21 18:02) [0]

There are two odds. From the main I create a child, but at the same time the main one is visible. How to hide the main form?

Song   (2002-03-21 18:14) [1]

What is meant by a child? modal or MDI?

MAxiMum   (2002-03-21 18:20) [2]

And Visible: = False (Hide) does not work. Of course, you cannot close it if you close the main window - the program closes.

s   (2002-03-21 18:23) [3]

The child is the usual form, but I attach the main menu to it.

lipskiy   (2002-03-21 18:24) [4]

Is it possible to transfer the status of “priority” from one form to another in the process of work? That is, when loading, the main form is one, then at work the second opens, which should now be the main, and unload the first?

s   (2002-03-21 18:34) [5]

I don’t care who is in charge, but when starting a subsidiary, she should become one on the screen. When it closes, the main one in its first form should pop up. But the problem is that I have a lot of child forms and I can move from one to another.

panov   (2002-03-21 19:22) [6]

Application.CreateForm (Tform1, Form1); FormMMain.hide; Form1.ShowModal; FormMain.Show;

Maza   (2002-03-22 03:54) [7]

//Form1.onActive; for child form

ShowWindow (MainForm.Handle, SW_Hide);


ShowWindow (MainForm.Handle, SW_Show);

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Forum: "Main";
Current archive: 2002.04.01;
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