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Beginer   (2002-03-19 11:28) [0]

I put the form I created in the repository and use it, inheriting from it. The new properties and events of the form that I defined are not displayed in the object inspector, although they were placed in the published section. Is this fundamentally impossible, or is something else to be done? (I have experience writing my own components)
Thanks for the reply.

kull   (2002-03-19 11:34) [1]

This is fundamentally impossible.
Since the published properties of the components, Delphi takes from * .bpl previously built. A similar mechanism and with forms ...

MBo   (2002-03-19 12:40) [2]

fundamentally possible.
Orlik website

Mike_Goblin   (2002-03-19 13:44) [3]

Still as possible, for this it is necessary:
1. Describe TForm successor class with new sv-you
2. in the Register procedure - call RegisterCustomModule
3. Install your heir (well, as components are usually installed)
4. In projects, inherit the form not from TForm but from your class
There is an example on D5, I can send

kull   (2002-03-19 15:03) [4]

No, if you get so fucked then it is certainly possible, but it's not worth it.
A form is not a component, and its reuse is needed only in very large projects.

Donal_Graeme   (2002-03-19 15:44) [5]

why so? Dialogs are the same forms :-)

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Forum: "Main";
Current archive: 2002.04.01;
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