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tovSuhov   (2002-03-19 18:03) [0]

Gentlemen, I ran into a catch here. When from my application I point to another window (not to the header or button in the Status bar, but to the workspace), my application becomes inactive, but remains on top of all other windows (StayOnTop is not worth it). With what it can be connected?

tovSuhov   (2002-03-20 08:19) [1]

Apparently the question had time to "float away" before it was read ...

tovSuhov   (2002-03-20 08:43) [2]

I don't understand (or I don't know everything?) Why, when the focus is transferred to another window, my form is still on top of everything, although not active. Well, can someone tell me in which direction to dig?

tovSuhov   (2002-03-20 09:54) [3]

I looked at old questions, everywhere they ask the opposite - how to bring out the form on top of everything else. I have the opposite situation ... I went on experimenting ...

tovSuhov   (2002-03-20 10:01) [4]

Discovered two features:
1) When the OnPaint handler is standing - the form ALWAYS stays on top (before that, it was possible to achieve overlap with other windows, but rarely)
2) If the focus leaves my form to another window, the situation does not change, and if I change the focus between other windows, my form, as it should be, becomes covered by the currently active window.
Can someone thread cho thread? BUT?...

panov   (2002-03-20 10:05) [5]

> tovSuhov © (19.03.02 18: 03)
As it seems to me, it does not depend on your program, but only on Windows glitches ....

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Forum: "Main";
Current archive: 2002.04.01;
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