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C ++ or Delphi Find similar branches

elephant   (2001-12-15 02:02) [0]

Explain to the teapot why the standard is C ++ (for example, in offshore programming orders) and Java, and Delphi is not even mentioned.

iZEN   (2001-12-15 02:39) [1]

Because only Russia is a "Delphic" country on the whole Globe. :)))

Sergey_n   (2001-12-15 03:51) [2]

Why Delphi, I am writing in Borland C ++ Builder. By the way, it differs from delphi only in syntax and not much. By the way, I started with Delphi, but in C ++ everything is as clear as that.

iZEN   (2001-12-15 04:17) [3]

"Not much," say, but right now we'll start ObjectPascal vs. C ++. Wish-c ?! :)))

Suntechnic   (2001-12-15 04:31) [4]

I suggest not to discuss religious topics on Christmas Eve :)

iZEN   (2001-12-15 05:22) [5]

And where is the "Christmas"?

Suntechnic   (2001-12-15 06:10) [6]

And where is C ++?

iZEN   (2001-12-15 07:30) [7]

See all this!

Mbo   (2001-12-15 08:00) [8]

The topic is clearly from "Tinker"
on the marketplace delphi.vitpc.com
There are discussions about this.

y-soft   (2001-12-15 09:29) [9]

You should not translate a specific question into the category of disputes about the meaning of life.
And the fact that Borland products are less common than Microsoft products is determined by the high price of the former, and the financial strength of the latter, and not the quality.

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Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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2001-11-05 14:58
Ineta cost (hour)

2001-11-12 13:56
Or maybe we will not beat each other's hands?

2001-12-03 12:42
WHY THAT DID ALL MY QUESTIONS. We'll have to repeat How to search the Type in the field: Ceilings are written and I need to find

2001-11-02 10:44
how to determine the window handle over which the mouse is located

2001-12-19 11:59
sending letters using Delphi 5

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