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Transferring data to an Excel worksheet cell Find similar branches

Striker   (2001-12-13 07:59) [0]

Please tell me how to write a variable of type string or real to the specified cell of the EXCEL sheet. (I would like to give an example). Thank you earlier.

perov   (2001-12-13 08:21) [1]

ExcelApplication.Connect; ExcelApplication.Workbooks.Add ("", 0); ExcelWorkbook.ConnectTo (ExcelApplication.ActiveWorkbook); ExcelWorksheet.ConnectTo (ExcelWorkbook.Sheets [1] as _WorkSheet); ExcelWorksheet.Activate; ExcelWorksheet.Cells.Item [j, 1] .Value: = j - i; ExcelApplication.Visible [0]: = True;

KIR   (2001-12-13 08:32) [2]

This is also a question to catch up with, and how after that this XL can be properly closed? And then the transfer once (though from Excel "I) works for me, and if I try again, then Memory Allocation Error ...

perov   (2001-12-13 08:44) [3]


Striker   (2001-12-13 09:00) [4]

Big Thank "s home try.

KIR   (2001-12-13 12:02) [5]

> perov
Already wrote
and ExcelApplication.Disconnect,
and ExcelApplication.Quit,
and FreeAndNil (ExcelApplication) ...
does not help, here is a piece of code:

ExcelApplication1.WorkBooks.Add (n, 0); // n is the file name
ExcelWorkBook1.ConnectTo (ExcelApplication1.ActiveWorkBook);

{program body}


perov   (2001-12-13 12:33) [6]

ExcelWorksheet.Disconnect; ExcelWorkbook.Close; ExcelApplication.Disconnect;

Олег Лаукарт   (2001-12-13 13:33) [7]

In Delphi Kingdom there are a couple of articles about working with Excel

Ынс   (2001-12-13 14:32) [8]

// add this to the modules
uses ComObj;
/ / ...
xlApp: Variant;
DataArray: Variant; // two-dimensional array will be here
rv: real;
rv: = 10.56568;
xlApp: = CreateOleObject ("Excel.Sheet"); // create
xlApp.Application.Visible: = True;

xlApp.Application.Cells [1, 2] .Value: = "23456346"; // you can

xlApp.Application.Range ["RealValue1"]. Value: = rv; {it is possible and so: "RealValue1" - the name of the cell in the "cells"}

xlApp.Application.Range ("A1: B8"). Value: = "Just a string to fill the range"; {filling the range in one line}

DataArray: = VarArrayCreate ([0,2,0,2], varVariant); {create an array of the type variant to store any values}
DataArray [0, 0]: = "array element";
DataArray [1, 0]: = 38754; // also an array element

{assign the entire array to the range by reference at once ... cheap, reliable and practical = -) = especially when you need to transfer an array of thousands of 5 lines in the report ... if you do it through a for loop, the report will be generated deadly for a long time}

xlApp.Application.Range ("A1: C3): = DataArray;

// save this file for descendants = -)
xlApp.SaveAs ("c: \ docs \ reports \ sample1.xls");

DataArray: = Unassigned; // sweep tracks
xlApp: = Unassigned; // bang and it ...

Striker   (2001-12-15 11:06) [9]

I rummaged here and found the site (WWW.afalinasoft.com). There is just the interaction Delphi & Excel.

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