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Display all application forms with active headers Find similar branches

Cossys   (2001-12-17 16:57) [0]

Lord Such a problem - it is necessary that all the open windows of ONE application be displayed on the screen with ACTIVE headers. I understand that you need to report something to the Deactivate event ... but WHAT ???

Fellomena   (2001-12-17 17:04) [1]

It is not clear - what do you want, what would you have at once several windows be active?
... please ask a question plz

Юрий Зотов   (2001-12-17 17:16) [2]

1. The form headers are drawn by Windows itself.
2. The active title is drawn near the active form. Headers of all other forms (and in general of all other windows) are drawn inactive.
3. The active form is the one that has input focus (or the input focus has its child control).

With all this in mind, your question is:
"How to make the input focus have all the windows of one application at the same time"?

Really, how? And, most importantly, why?

Fellomena   (2001-12-17 17:28) [3]

2 Yuri Zotov: if we assume that the question is asked as you said, then I can come
only one thought to the head, on the timer (with a very small interval) to give
input focus to different windows - but why?
Maybe the author had in mind that it is necessary to fill in some fields in different forms, as soon as some field in one particular form is filled?
Then we have a standard task.

Виктор Щербаков   (2001-12-17 17:31) [4]

to fellomena
> timer (with a very small interval) to give
> input focus to different windows "

I would like to look at the face of the user who will encounter such a behavior of the program!

Fellomena   (2001-12-17 17:32) [5]


I was asked - I answered 8)

Cossys   (2001-12-17 17:40) [6]

Dear Yuri Zotov, you did not understand (or I didn’t explain), I don’t need two active forms, and your educational program is superfluous. I meant that HEADLINES looked active ... Here you can hold such a focus for TEdits. It seems, property LostFocus ... (I do not remember precisely). And with forms you can! Launch Photoshop or Flash and make sure all forms with active headers.

To the question why: on one form Paste button, on another Grid. When switching from one form to another (up to 1000 operations per day), the effect, to put it mildly, is not presentable

panov   (2001-12-17 17:50) [7]

Simulate the window titles in the program, then you can make them of any color.

Иван Шихалев   (2001-12-17 18:01) [8]

WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW will save the father of Russian democracy?

Cossys   (2001-12-17 18:06) [9]

2 Ivan Shikhalev

Thank you so much - THAT IS THAT THAT. I thought about it like that.

Юрий Зотов   (2001-12-17 18:27) [10]

Fotoshop and Flash are not installed and, you understand, I will not install them just to look at the windows. I can say the following.

1. Every day, every Windows user performs a lot of switching between windows. Probably even much more than 1000. And with each switch, the active title is redrawn. And no unpresentable when this is not observed. On the contrary, everything is very convenient - the system itself shows to its user which window it is currently working with. Therefore, it is completely incomprehensible, what did you see the problem?

2. You are far from the first (and, apparently, not the last) who are trying to come up with an elaborate and unusual user interface for your program. But, as practice shows, these attempts end with the fact that the user refuses to work with such a program. This is simply inconvenient for him - just because he wants his usual behavior from the program.

3. If you really want to, write WM_NCPAINT handlers in the forms and, after calling inherited, draw the header yourself. It's very simple - see the description of DrawCaption in the API Help. But I strongly advise you to think carefully first.

4. I really liked the sequence of three phrases:

"... Your educational program is superfluous. I meant that HEADLINES looked active. For TEdits, such a focus can be done ..."

Interestingly, where did you find the HEADINGS from TEdits? And in this connection - was it really unnecessary educational program?

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