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HELP !!! Find similar branches

Alligator   (2001-12-17 11:46) [0]

function SelectChars (s: ShortString; a: Integer; b: Integer): ShortString;
i: Integer;
ts: ShortString;
tp: PChar;
ts: = "";
StrPCopy (tp, s);
for i: = a to a + b do ts: = ts + tp [i];
Result: = ts;

This function cannot digest very long sentences. It (Function) immediately at the sight of long sentences kills my prog.
How can I fix this ???
thanks in advance!!!

gek   (2001-12-17 11:51) [1]

Well, why use ShortString
use String

Alligator   (2001-12-17 12:26) [2]

With the String prog also dies, I clearly don’t try anything else, can there be another function or option how to rip out what you need from the text ???

McSimm   (2001-12-17 12:38) [3]

1. Memory for PChar is not allocated.
2. Why is PChar here at all?
3. Why bother with this feature at all? If it is copying a substring, then
function Copy (S; Index, Count: Integer): string;

Alligator   (2001-12-17 12:57) [4]

Ah ... you misunderstood me!

gek   (2001-12-17 13:01) [5]

And what did they not understand? Why all this business is necessary, explain?

Alligator   (2001-12-17 13:34) [6]

Well, let's say I have a piece of long text and I need to check or paste only the first two letters.
-memo1.lines.add (SelectChars ("long text chunk", 0,1))
Ie, as you understand it, only two letters should be entered in the memo, starting with 0 and ending with 1, and this function works fine, but not with a long text, the limit is somewhere in the 255 characters, but what I do is limit.

Digitman   (2001-12-17 13:37) [7]

memo1.lines.add (Copy ("a piece of long text", 1,1)) - well, what's so uncomfortable with you? doing what you need, and without any additional "frills"

Mbo   (2001-12-17 13:41) [8]

about the Copy function already said.
and in your, besides 5 specified errors, return shortstring is described,
and Result - PChar

Alligator   (2001-12-17 18:38) [9]

THANK YOU VERY MUCH THANKS FOR HELP !!! Now everything works as it should.

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