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Leviathan   (2001-12-13 23:05) [0]

Is it possible to make the form appear first, and then appear? And then the picture blinks, I tried BitBlt - it did not help.

Builder   (2001-12-14 00:43) [1]

I wonder what you are drawing, that BitBlt did not help?
Maybe you just draw it very often?

KilkennyCat   (2001-12-14 02:50) [2]

And can be more specific? For example, I once needed to make a beautiful appearance of a form (leaving the side of the screen). I then ran into the problem of drawing components on a form (they blinked). The way out was simple: a bitmap with the appearance of the form is created, it flies out as you please, without blinking, although spinning along three axes, and then, at the finish of the movement, an inactive form appears below it, the bitmar is destroyed, the form is activated.

Leviathan   (2001-12-14 17:38) [3]

I draw a .jpg image, about the size of a dolphin screensaver, only once. In the OnShow form, I use BitBlt from image to canvas form. There is an improvement, but a weak one; maybe it should be done not in OnShow?

Polevi   (2001-12-14 17:57) [4]


Leviathan   (2001-12-14 20:02) [5]

Thank you all for the help!

Sorry if I'm slowing down. Is this parameter to be passed as the last BitBln parameter? If yes, then it gave nothing :-(

Leviathan   (2001-12-14 20:14) [6]

Oops ... made a mistake, forgot to hide the image, the beatball does not work at all. What's wrong?
BitBlt (SplashForm.Canvas.Handle, 0, 0, Image1.Width,
Image1.Height, Image1.Canvas.Handle, 0, 0, 0);

KilkennyCat   (2001-12-15 00:50) [7]

So what is it for? to make a screensaver?

Leviathan   (2001-12-16 16:35) [8]

Nearly. Screen update. It has a splash screen and a progress bar.

KilkennyCat   (2001-12-17 01:35) [9]

And the blinking occurs when the progress bar is updated, or what?

Polevi   (2001-12-17 08:42) [10]

Leviathan ©
1. BitBlt should be called in Paint it
2. See help on BitBlt


Specifies a raster-operation code. For example, it can be used to define the final color.
The following list shows some common operation codes:

Value Description
BLACKNESS Fills the destination rectangle using the color palette with the index 0 in the physical palette. (This color is black for the default physical palette.)
DSTINVERT Inverts the destination rectangle.
Hexagon necklace with the OR OR operator.
Copies the inverted source rectangle to the destination.
Bottles of colors of the source and destination of the resultant color.
PATCOPY Copies the specified pattern into the destination bitmap.
Rectangle XOR operator.
Inverted source rectangle by using the Boolean OR operator. It is a combination of the OR operator.
It is a rectangles and it is a rectangle.
SRCCOPY Copies the source rectangle directly to the destination rectangle.
It has been a great deal to make it easy to make it.
SRCINVERT Combines by using the Boolean XOR operator.
The SRCPAINT Combines the colors and the rectangles by using the Boolean OR operator.
WHITENESS Fills the destination rectangle using the color palette with the 1 in the physical palette. (This color is white for the default

3. See help on WM_ERASEBGND

An application sends the WM_ERASEBKGND message when the window background must be erased (for example, when a window is resized). The painting is sent to prepare an invalidated portion of a window for painting.

hdc = (HDC) wParam; // handle of device context


hdc - Value of wParam. Identifies the device context.

Return Values

An application should return nonzero if it erases the background; otherwise, it should return zero.

That is, since you are still overwriting the image using BitBlt - otherwise, it should return zero

Sergey_n   (2001-12-18 00:19) [11]

Why such difficulties ??? You shove your drawing into the TImage form right in the constructor. Or am I in something wrong?

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