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Need a label to display the formulas Find similar branches

victor   (2001-12-18 08:05) [0]

Hello to all!!!!
maybe someone knows where to get a Label with which you can display complex formulas, with upper, lower index fractions, sum sign, etc.

gek   (2001-12-18 08:39) [1]

Nothing is clear, specify

victor   (2001-12-18 08:59) [2]

explain just need a component to display complex formulas
trigonometric, mathematical, etc.

Turalyon   (2001-12-18 09:09) [3]

To be honest, nothing besides connecting through the OLE editor of the office formulas to the head does not occur, but in this case there will be problems with client machines (not everyone has it).
Do you need to dynamically create these formulas? If it's just static, then you can just draw them and insert them into the prog like pictures.

gek   (2001-12-18 09:10) [4]

No such has not met, apparently have hands to do

victor   (2001-12-18 09:20) [5]

formulas are needed as static signatures

gek   (2001-12-18 09:22) [6]

>> victor
Well, you also answered Turalyon if static or make pictures as he says, or use a normal label. What is the problem?

Turalyon   (2001-12-18 09:28) [7]

I started the formula editor from Word and drew any formula, "PrintScreen", you start paint, you paste, you cut out the necessary piece, you create an Image on the form, you paste what you cut out. everything.

victor   (2001-12-18 09:40) [8]

Yes, I have already tried very well
thanks for the advice
just thought maybe some other way can tell

so the theme is removed :)

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Forum: "Main";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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