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I have ? off-topic. Which OS Delphi works best for? Find similar branches

DelphiG   (2001-12-13 03:13) [0]

I know that in almost all OSes, Delphi works fine, but still which one is best? Which is better performance?

DelphiG   (2001-12-13 03:17) [1]

For example, I worked on WIN 98, WIN ME but did not see the difference may WIN 2000. It is said that the core NT very productive. By the way, what are you Masters do you use?

evgeg   (2001-12-13 07:08) [2]

IMHO on W 2000. Because in this OS there are no problems with the resources that are felt when creating applications with a large number of forms on W 95-98.

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-12-13 07:45) [3]

Win 3.11

vasco   (2001-12-13 08:12) [4]

> Anatoly Podgoretsky
The most reasonable decision, in my opinion ...

cpp   (2001-12-13 09:15) [5]

Unconditionally in Win2000. True, it starts to be felt when you have 100 and more third-party components and a sickly project in your component palette. In this case, Delphi under Win9X begins to fall with regularity in one program launch. There are no such problems under 2000

softland   (2001-12-13 10:13) [6]

Imho Win2000

Cossys   (2001-12-13 10:29) [7]

Obslyutno accurately - many useful under NT does not plow, therefore - x98, Me. I can’t say anything about 2000, but it works coolly under XP, but it’s hard to write something for a family of old systems - the interface is very different.

MK   (2001-12-13 10:39) [8]

Circe, Unconditionally ...
Still stands Delphi 4 under Windows 95 OSR 2. Third-party component - 97 packages (considered, not lazy). Several projects, among them a couple
the size of 600-800 thousand lines - nothing falls, everything works fine,
imho it can fall because of incorrectly written components. And on Win2000
apparently, it is better to work on Delphi6, under NT it is also easier to write and debug demanding applications, but if you write a normal commercial application, then by definition it should work on any systems, including 95, 98, ME etc.

Ruff-Fish   (2001-12-13 10:58) [9]

Under Win 2000 Pro, everything works very well, it does not hang. Under 98 hung over time, and spread only on three keys.

Val   (2001-12-13 11:20) [10]

Win "NT WS 4.0 Rus-specifically put instead of Win98, because when working with the database (what I mainly do), quite often with incorrectly written code, the OS hung (it worked on different machines). NT quite normally keeps my nonsense in the code, No complaints. Win2000 did not install because of overly tight resource constraints: (but I heard praise from many.

Delirium   (2001-12-13 11:38) [11]

W2k Prof

Aquarius   (2001-12-13 12:48) [12]

And under XP is also not bad. In general, I consider the NT-based kernel for application development to be mandatory ...

TonnyS   (2001-12-13 13:25) [13]

W2000 and Win98-SE, a few additional components. The advantages of w2000 - when the delf hangs (sometimes hangs when the program starts), you can remove it without problems, and in Win-98 after 2x-3x such withdrawals need to be overloaded.

Юрий Зотов   (2001-12-13 14:43) [14]

Worked with Delphi 1..5 under Windows:
95 OSR2
98 1st Edition
98 2nd Edition

In all cases, there were no problems. Including when there were a lot of additional components in the palette, and the project weighed over 800 thousand lines.

Shadow   (2001-12-13 14:55) [15]

imho XP forver!
xotia ...
rabotal na 95 98 2000pro vse otlichno!

evgeg   (2001-12-13 19:01) [16]

It’s not the number of lines in the project that is critical, but the number of forms and controls that have their own window.

Sergey_n   (2001-12-15 03:42) [17]

Win 2000 pro definitely. Under 98 is buggy, at least for me.

iZEN   (2001-12-15 04:20) [18]

All Windows systems, except 95OSR2, NT4, 2000, are completely crap-free (i.e., not suitable for use by Delphi developers).

живец   (2001-12-15 08:57) [19]

So go and understand you better!
My version:
Delphi5 Enterprise on W98 Final - applications are flying current if there are errors or a crash of memory has occurred.

y-soft   (2001-12-15 09:23) [20]

Developed under W2K Pro. For testing, I also keep a trimmed WinME. Correctly tested for compatibility in most cases.
In general, he worked with Delphi in all versions of Windows, starting with Win 3.11

Вадим АндреИч   (2001-12-15 15:56) [21]

Just under UNIX!!!!

DNT   (2001-12-15 16:22) [22]

Under DOS ...

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