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need a component to display HTML pages Find similar branches

victor   (2001-12-18 09:49) [0]

The problem is there are documents executed in Word with pictures, etc.
need to display them in the program without editing
I tried to save them in html format and load them into the prog using HtmlLite, but if you just save in worde, then the placement of pictures, font size, etc. is broken
and if you save in FrontPage in advance, then the Russian letters distort, maybe someone has encountered a similar task

HtmlProf is not suitable because there is nothing to pay :(
or can anyone have free

gek   (2001-12-18 09:54) [1]

Use TWebBrowser and everything will be fine

victor   (2001-12-18 09:58) [2]

and how to use it, for some reason there is no help to it :(

gek   (2001-12-18 10:02) [3]

If you have him then go to
there is plenty of information about him I took it myself

Turalyon   (2001-12-18 10:14) [4]

To display documents (in rtf format), try the RichEdit component, although it displays a bit of a link, but inserts images with a bang.

victor   (2001-12-18 10:22) [5]

I looked at WEbBroser but did not find the simplest
how to load page from file
if you can try

> To display documents (in rtf format), try the RichEdit component, though it displays a bit of a link, but inserts images with a bang.

With RichEdit, too, if there is

Turalyon   (2001-12-18 10:25) [6]

In Delphi there is a standard example (in DEMOS) everything is beautifully implemented, see

gek   (2001-12-18 10:28) [7]

>> victor
exactly in delphi a normal example is

victor   (2001-12-18 10:37) [8]

Do you mean an example of Richedit ???
but in this example, when loading a file with pictures, pictures are not displayed

And on WebBroser an example did not find

gek   (2001-12-18 10:42) [9]

demos \ coolstuf \ main.pas - about WebBroser

Turalyon   (2001-12-18 10:52) [10]

Yes, they are not displayed: ((for some reason I was sure of the opposite)
I can offer to view documents using OLE containers ... then everything will be displayed, it is only necessary that Word be on the client machine.

victor   (2001-12-18 10:57) [11]

thanks a lot from example everything is clear

victor   (2001-12-18 12:51) [12]

a couple more questions
how to make it impossible to select and copy the contents of TWebBroser
and also to not show a popup menu

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