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Eduard   (2001-12-10 10:09) [0]

Good day!
I have such a question. When you select one of the tabs in PageControl in the program, the following happens: it resizes, and a frame is inserted in a certain place of the main form. In this case, the form for a moment disappears from the screen, i.e. apparently redrawn. How to avoid this, in the sense of how to prevent the form from being redrawn during the frame insertion so that everything is beautiful?

Eduard   (2001-12-10 11:40) [1]

Hey !!!

Tonie   (2001-12-10 12:56) [2]

1. As you insert, a little code would not hurt ...
2. Can help you Lockwindowupdate

Eduard   (2001-12-10 13:37) [3]

Some kind of chop is obtained.

LockWindowUpdate (Form1.Handle); Width: = 970; Position: = poScreenCenter; ActiveFrame: = TToners.Create (Self); ActiveFrame.Parent: = Form1; ActiveFrame.Visible: = True; ActiveFrame.Left: = PageControl1.Width + 1; ActiveFrame.Top: = Height - PageControl1.Height - StatusBar1.Height -1; LockWindowUpdate (Form1.handle);

where TToners = class (TFrame)

In short, the LockWindowUpdate procedure is even worse. The frame does not appear at all until you try to move the form.

Eduard   (2001-12-10 18:04) [4]

Help, damn it !!!!

NA   (2001-12-10 18:33) [5]

In general, this will not help you much, perhaps, but nevertheless, first deal with the size and position of the component, and then make it visible. Those. first LEFT \ TOP, and only after that VISIBLE.

It will be more careful;)

akaKot   (2001-12-18 20:30) [6]

Try this:

... tusBar1.Height -1;
LockWindowUpdate (0);

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Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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