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victor   (2001-12-19 07:30) [0]

How to prohibit the selection and copying of text in WebBrowser-e
as well as a popup menu

gek   (2001-12-19 07:53) [1]

Well, I gave you a link.
I precisely and heard about the menu and saw, but I don’t know about copying and selection

victor   (2001-12-19 08:32) [2]

about the menu there is an answer with reference to www.euromind.com/iedelphi/index.htm
but there is only a picture and nothing

can you remember where you saw

gek   (2001-12-19 08:46) [3]

Well, later I will look into my links

victor   (2001-12-19 09:21) [4]

I solved the problem about the menu
caught the article http://emanual.ru/download/951.html

and about the selection and copying the question was solved automatically
text is selected but cannot be copied to ctrl + c does not respond :)

so the theme is removed

nikkie   (2001-12-19 09:41) [5]

I read this article Lozovyuka on the kingdom of Delphi. if his method came up, it means that he was lucky, although it all looks like crutches. and he himself writes that in this way it is only possible to prohibit the appearance of a standard menu, but not to replace it with your own.

The article has the right direction - MSDN and IDocHostUIHandler are mentioned. only the author incorrectly interpreted the information from MSDN. Indeed, the IDocHostUIHandler interface is not implemented by either WebBrowser or HTMLDocument "- it should not be implemented by them. This interface should be implemented by our application. This is the callback" a.

in short, the mechanism is the following: we implement the IDocHostUIHandler interface, request the ICustomDoc interface from WebBrowser.Document and pass our interface by calling the SetUIHandler method.

nikkie   (2001-12-19 10:36) [6]

By the way, this is implemented in the TEmbeddedWB component.

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Forum: "Main";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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2001-12-06 16:23
Dynamic array

2001-11-10 10:29
Who is not lazy, go to http://forum.ru-board.com/, it really hangs, or IP filtering, they won't let me.

2001-12-13 03:13
I have ? off-topic. Which OS Delphi works best for?

2001-12-16 07:17
Is it possible to programmatically disable the Windows basket?

2001-12-04 16:16
The problem with finding the Long field in Oracle

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