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Two services interfere with each other. Find similar branches

KAA   (2001-12-19 10:48) [0]

I have a service, it works. Wrote another one with a different name. But the teams to aninstall one work for another. Those. at the same time you will not start them, says that the service is already running. And the aninstaller of one is removed by the other.
What can be wrong?

KAA   (2001-12-19 11:21) [1]

A small addition, obtained experimentally.

I took the third service (empty, only beeps, it was the second service that was made during the installation), installed the second and third together, everything worked out (the first is not installed). Then aninstall the first and he aninstall the third, after which the first installs perfectly. As a result, the first and second work together.

Алексей Петров   (2001-12-19 11:22) [2]

Probably with a different Description, and not with a different name?

Алексей Петров   (2001-12-19 11:22) [3]

And the name of all of them "Service1"?

KAA   (2001-12-19 11:26) [4]

Can you elaborate what names and descriptions could be there?
File names are different, descriptions are different. The only this third service, which I used had the same name as the first one. But his installation was enough for the second service to stop interfering with the first one.

KAA   (2001-12-19 11:27) [5]

the name under which it is in the list of services? All have their own.

KAA   (2001-12-19 12:11) [6]

Another addition. (roof go)

Now the first and second services are quite normally installed and aninstalled by themselves.

On the one hand, the problem was resolved :), but I would really like to deal with the glitch.

Mick   (2001-12-19 12:18) [7]

"the name under which it is in the list of services" is "DisplayName"
And the service name is the "Name" of an instance of the TService class.

KAA   (2001-12-19 12:26) [8]

They have different names.
But in the end, they now work, they haven't changed anything in themselves, they just did the above-described retual with the third service.

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