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HydraMarat   (2001-12-19 00:22) [0]

I write a program. I got up (sorry) the question of the separation of exe. Well, in that sense, to use a DLL and other "dynamics". So I think and I would like to know the opinion of the experienced: that it is better to use a DLL or a rocket (BPL). Packages are more convenient, but there are too many of them (4), even if there is only one package (my components) in edit "e" Build with runtime packages ". The DLL is simpler ... there are fewer, but there are too many of them in exe same unit "s. So what advise?
Thank you all.

gek   (2001-12-19 07:13) [1]

If you have a lot of prog work on the same machine, the packages are better, and
I think the library is better

Алексей Петров   (2001-12-19 08:19) [2]

If the DLL also works with VCL - IMHO, they should be only BPL. Wry expressed, but I hope it is clear.

If DLLs do not use VCL, then it's better not to do their packages.

This is due to the fact that all VCL code, as well as global variables (Application, Screen, Session, ...), when not using packages, are included in each of the modules. This increases memory requirements and leads to potential errors.

Внук   (2001-12-19 11:58) [3]

I will add: if there is a need to export classes from a DLL, then it is better to use BPL.

petr_v_a   (2001-12-19 13:06) [4]

BPL, in particular, is intended to bring into them the units, which are common to the DLL and exe. And agree with Grandson ©

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