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How to start the program immediately show another one over the main form? Find similar branches

Alexander   (2001-12-19 01:45) [0]

Type the password to ask!

Someone   (2001-12-19 01:55) [1]

And what problems? By the way, it is more logical to request the password BEFORE displaying the main form. And as a matter of fact - at least in OnCreate, at least in the main form OnShow write:
if PasswordForm.ShowModal = mrOK then ... else ...

Alexander   (2001-12-19 02:11) [2]

I tried this method - I do not like it. I need over the main form, not in front of it, because I do not have a password to enter the program, but the parameters for connecting to another machine, which can be entered later.

Someone   (2001-12-19 02:24) [3]

Then differently. You are trying to find a connection, for example, by timer. Initially, the parameters are unknown, it is then that request them. Again, you use the parameters saved somewhere, and if they are not valid at the moment, again, call the dialogue with the request.

paul_shmakov   (2001-12-19 19:28) [4]

2 Alexander:
use Someone's advice, just call Update before showing the form.
procedure Form1.Form1OnShow (Sender: TObject); begin Update; if PasswordForm.ShowModal = mrOK then ... else ... end;

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Forum: "Main";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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