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vlv   (2001-12-19 21:59) [0]

Dear masters! Who knows where the edit controls (like TEdit, TMemo ...) have a standard win menu (copy, paste ...) sewn up?

Юрий Зотов   (2001-12-19 22:18) [1]

In the Windows operating system.

Дремучий   (2001-12-19 22:39) [2]

if these edit controls are the heirs of standard VIN-API controls,
if they чистый VCL, then in the source code components

Юрий Зотов   (2001-12-19 22:53) [3]

Dense © (19.12.01 22: 39)

> if these edit controls are heirs of standard VIN-API controls

HEIRS they are not, they are their object SHELLS.

> if they are pure VCL
And what else can TEdit and TMemo delfishy be about which a person asks?

> then in the source code components
Open the source and try to find. Just be patient, you will have to look for a very long time. More precisely - infinitely long. Because the standard Windows menus do not live in any source code (except the source code of Windows itself, of course).

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Forum: "Main";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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