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Again about events Find similar branches

Mikhalyov Dmitry   (2001-12-19 19:38) [0]

OnChange is taken as an example, as well as the essence of the problem:
for work with the peripheral device (with industrial
controller) there is a component to work on the serial port.
when sending data to the port, the controller in any case sends a response
and when reading from the port, every time the answer is correct, an event is called
I need to do to:
1. cause this event when polling the controller when something has come
to the port (whether it is true or not).
2. and vice versa when writing data to the controller so that the event does not
It was called even when the correct response from the controller.
The component is used only in connection with the fact that it is implemented
one of the enemies understandable (read the developers of the company Siemens)
way to access controller memory.

Mikhalyov Dmitry   (2001-12-19 23:39) [1]

write at least something useful

Someone   (2001-12-20 01:39) [2]

Hmm .. Not a frail question that, besides, should be asked in another conference forum.
In fact, IMHO, it is possible to force the "alien" component to do everything that "dearly please" fit (if there are no source codes, if they are, then you can stop reading). I can only advise the method used by me twice already.
On the 1 computer there is a program with a component and a controller is connected to its port. Next to it is a 2 computer with two free ports. The Rx port of the 2 computer is fed to the Rx of one of the 1 computer ports, the Tx port of the 2 computer is fed to the Rx of the other 1 computer port. Then, on the 2 computer, a program is started that reads both ports (in my opinion, it is better to use the DOS program) and writes the read information byte-by-byte into a file, preferably into three files. On the 1 computer, a program with the above-mentioned component is started and work with it on the maximum of possibilities.
As a result, we have file (s) that contain the "protocol" of exchange with the controller. We study it and write our program without the "enemy" component.
PS Of course it is long and laborious. Of course this will not work if the transmitted information is encrypted.

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Forum: "Main";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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