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Tags on jpg, bmp it.d. Find similar branches

abandon   (2001-12-18 02:16) [0]

People !!, there is an image - a map of a certain area, you need to make tags anywhere, not only then when you hover over the label with the mouse
get the coordinates ....
Maybe someone has any ideas, throw soap

Builder   (2001-12-18 02:32) [1]

And what's the problem - every time you handle mousemove - and then you go through your tags.

csf   (2001-12-18 11:46) [2]

Inherit your component from TLabel, add the necessary properties, such as coordinates, names, etc., and redo the "Builder © mousemove" or other mouse handler. Everything will work "by itself".

Вячеслав   (2001-12-18 15:36) [3]

Why is it so difficult — insert it into an HTML page, create active zones in the right places, and then use the script to handle mouse events. You have the dimensions of the picture, the real coordinates of the corners of the frame should also be, then everything is just considered. Do you really have nuances — do you have a plan or a map? In the first case, everything is recalculated very simply (rectangular frame), in the second a bit more complicated but not further than the secondary school program (frame-trapezoid). The accuracy you get is satisfactory for most applications. But if you really need accurate coordinate bindings, you'll need to use some kind of GIS shell (MapInfo, ArcView, AutocadMap)

vbazik   (2001-12-20 00:48) [4]

Is the scale on the map linear (in x and y)?

abandon   (2001-12-20 01:48) [5]

csf is fine, but I would like to know how to "block" the handler, if not difficult, how can I show the thread? It is desirable for the "cosmonauts" ...
Thanks in advance.

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