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How to compile multiple files in one exe Find similar branches

Delphimun   (2001-12-15 10:00) [0]

I have a program consisting of one exe, one wav-a and one cur-a, and I need the program to consist of one exe, and there are other files in it and I could use them (copy to an independent file on disk In general, listen to everything as it should be).

Suntechnic   (2001-12-15 10:09) [1]

... use resources. The topic is repeatedly raised here ...

Delphimun   (2001-12-15 10:25) [2]

If you use a resource, you get the 2 file (res) and (exe), and I need to have only one file (exe).

MBo   (2001-12-15 10:30) [3]

resources are stitched in exe

Gayrus   (2001-12-15 10:35) [4]

But I have a question how to load an ANI file from resources, in the sense of non-uploading into a separate file.

Delphimun   (2001-12-15 10:48) [5]

1) and how to load the resource wav
2) how to get the cursor from a resource and save it to disk in a cur file

Delphimun   (2001-12-15 11:04) [6]

How wav in a resource to push?

How then to get wav from a resource?

How to get the cursor from a resource and save it to disk in a file (cur) or at least assign it to a component?

What is a powerful program for creating resources, so that not only curs, bitmaps and iconki can be pushed into resources, as in imageeditor, but also other files.

Gayrus   (2001-12-16 10:25) [7]

2 Delphimun You create a file with the extension RC, with the help of a notepad you insert there:
NAME TYPE "File Path"
You compile using brcc32.exe (in the Delphi \ Bin folder)
In the line, execute: C: \ ... Delphi \\ Bin \ brcc32.exe res1.res
You get the Res file
Further in the project:
{$ R NAME.res}

var Res: TResourceStream;
Res: = TResourceStream.Create (hInstance, "NAME", "TYPE");
Res.SaveToFile ("Filename where to save");

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Forum: "Main";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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