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T2   (2001-12-16 07:24) [0]

How to programmatically clear the Windows cache (win386.swp file)

KilkennyCat   (2001-12-16 08:44) [1]


KSergey   (2001-12-16 09:30) [2]

Write your own operating system, which will do what to clean win386.swp.
How do you imagine this otherwise? Unless you rewrite the core of Windows ... Well - it will be interesting - maybe you can do better than MS

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-12-16 10:02) [3]

Why and when?

vasco   (2001-12-16 10:49) [4]

1. If the stars light up, then does someone need it? :)))
2. In my opinion, the file is not for nothing called win386, full access to it can certainly be obtained only from the zero ring. Write VxD ...?
3. Secondly, you need to know its format, and MS will be silent about it, like Z. Kosmodemyanskaya.
4. There are probably no such functions in WinAPI, otherwise this topic would have flashed at least somewhere.
5. Self-editing it, it’s like two women in the same kitchen, it’s definitely not going to work out anything good, therefore, for ordinary, law-abiding applications this option disappears (logical?).
6. If it is necessary for writing special tools such as a defragmenter, then I can hardly imagine what kind of utility it is (explain if possible) ...
7. If this is a replacement for the standard Windows memory manager, then here is a good example of the algorithm of its operation http://delphi.mastak.com/prikol/prayer.htm
8. If it is necessary to bang the system, then I don’t even know what to say (there are simpler methods without perversions) ...

McSimm   (2001-12-16 13:05) [5]

I don’t know why the author of the question needs this. In my practice, there was a problem: the customer demanded that the data (stored in encrypted form on the disk) could not be seen also in win386. I had to build the program in such a way that the data in the memory were not present in an explicit form. Fun challenge, isn't it?

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-12-16 13:18) [6]

Actually, if you look at all this bunch of questions that T2 dumped, then he obviously just does 6 like the FAQ and does not want to use normal methods such as help, search the FAQ for this site, he just wants to collect ready-made answers.

vasco   (2001-12-16 14:06) [7]

> McSimm
You can select a buffer in memory for such data that is not flushed to the swap ...
This is one of the options ...
As a second option - at the end of the work, create a buffer in memory that is significantly larger than the available amount of physical memory (for example, 300Mb) and actively “work with it”, then there will be no trace of data in the swap file ...

McSimm   (2001-12-16 17:36) [8]

> vasco © (16.12.01 14: 06)
Thank you, really valuable advice (about non-buffered memory), only 3 would have been back years ... :) The program has long and irrevocably gone to the customer along with the sources.
By the way, is the second option not suitable for Mr. T2 ©?
I would not be suitable, since there should not be information left in the swap even if there was a power failure.

T2   (2001-12-17 02:50) [9]

2 Anatoly Podgoretsky - You're wrong: I just poured out the long-accumulated questions.

And the question is - there is such a program BestCrypt, and there is a utility BCWipe,
she can clean the disk of "secret data". During its operation, one of the displayed options is called "Clear temporary Windows file". It "cleans" for several minutes (And it becomes less mega 5). For obvious reasons, the content could not be verified / verified. How it's done? Can the utility simply fill the disk with garbage, and then erase it?

KilkennyCat   (2001-12-17 03:39) [10]

What does it mean "for obvious reasons"? checked against elementary: save before, save after, compare. VC allows.

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