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Gost & best crypt Find similar branches

T2   (2001-12-16 07:12) [0]

Do not know if there is a component, GOST encryption, if there is - give a link, plz. By the way, can we eat better than GOST, is it better to write it yourself?

Art   (2001-12-16 17:08) [1]

Well, you and the professor! go to torry.net to the VCL section and there the protection section there is the Cipher component there 40 encryption algorithms and 25 hash algorithms. A deser 3des & desx & RC4 & RC5 & RC6 guest is more awesome, and these are faster and better, harder to crack , from them take either RC6 or DESX everything else is not very good.
As for writing the critical algorithm itself, you need to be a mathematician, at least a good one, and a programmer. Read the encryption docks and you’ll understand everything.

Why do you want to encrypt ???

T2   (2001-12-17 02:52) [2]

I want to write a cryptographic archiver. Standard archivers and algorithms are good, but they are EVERYWHERE and well-known. Accordingly, a bunch of cracks.

Builder   (2001-12-17 02:58) [3]

If the guest is such a passer, why is he in Russia as a standard, and they have refused the des in the states? :)
Gost is cool, and the speed at 1,2 Mb / s on the stump is pretty normal.

Polevi   (2001-12-17 08:34) [4]

look at the QStrings in the pantry - there is RC4 - it works quickly (the file on the network drive 5 MB - 3-4 sec)

Вячеслав   (2001-12-17 11:39) [5]

Here you can read in Russian about algorithms and about cryptography.
And to be honest - and DESa is enough for you above the roof. Banks and special services refused it, and encrypting their information will probably be suitable :))

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