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How to implement a new menu item in IE, which is called by the right button (like in Reget, for example) Find similar branches

Дмитрий Катаев   (2001-12-14 14:51) [0]

Hello! I had a problem: when working with IE, the user could select a new item (say, “copy to database”) from the context menu (right-click), and the source text of the window was copied to the right place on the disk. The task is to introduce a new item into the IE context menu and get the HTML source.
Thank you in advance!

gek   (2001-12-14 14:59) [1]

Try to go to http://www.euromind.com/iedelph

Дмитрий Катаев   (2001-12-14 15:04) [2]

Thank you!

savva   (2001-12-14 15:08) [3]

that's what Yandex adds to its translator


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ MenuExt \ & Translate]
@ = "http://lingvo.yandex.ru/ie5trans.htm"
"Contexts" = dword: 00000030

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ MenuExt \ Yandex & Search]
@ = "http://lingvo.yandex.ru/ie5search.htm"
"Contexts" = dword: 00000030

you can compose something ....

Дмитрий Катаев   (2001-12-14 15:16) [4]

Is it possible to register a link to the program in the registry?

savva   (2001-12-14 15:34) [5]

I would do so ... although I have not tried it ....

try it - tell me ...

Дмитрий Катаев   (2001-12-14 15:48) [6]


paul_shmakov   (2001-12-15 01:11) [7]

here is a detailed article with examples on the subject:
How to add your item to the IE context menu

Дмитрий Катаев   (2001-12-15 15:57) [8]

Yes, that’s what you need. At first I began to delve into the htm files that come with the Reget, and I found out that I could not start the program directly from IE. Only through scripts. Thanks so much for this link!

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