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Curve finish (2 double) Find similar branches

Крыс   (2001-12-12 17:55) [0]

Thanks to those who responded to my request last time!
I repeat my question.
There is a BMP picture on which multi-colored curves are drawn. Curves can intersect and overlap. I need to get each curve separately, those to complete the missing sections, which can be very, very diverse in shape.
It’s clear that the Bezier curve is not my assistant. Maybe a Trend curve can be used, but I don’t know the algorithm. :(
I would be grateful not only for specific proposals, but also for interesting ideas in this topic.

Mbo   (2001-12-13 06:17) [1]

Will spline interpolation suit you?

Крыс   (2001-12-13 21:29) [2]

Mbo, And what is it?
maybe it’s fine. Just tell me which section of mathematics this applies to!

SergVlad   (2001-12-13 22:52) [3]

What ... do you write that higher education?
Higher than what?
Gulkin’s nose?
Get into the textbooks and notes and repeat the 1-3 course accelerated.
You see the trend curve he needs.
And there’s still a broken "Nedou .."

Builder   (2001-12-14 00:46) [4]

Sent on soap.

It seems to me that the task is not set correctly, because when you look at these graphs, your attitude to the task will change a lot.

Mbo   (2001-12-14 07:50) [5]

> Rats in simple words
spline interpolation - for a given set of points, a continuous curve is constructed that passes through all these points by setting polynomials on each section whose values ​​and derivatives coincide at the points of the section (the first production matches the angle of inclination, etc.), providing way smoothness crosslinking. Draw a few points not on a straight line and place an elastic ruler so that it touches all points - this is a sample.
> Builder
you've seen? is there something exotic?

Крыс   (2001-12-15 21:08) [6]

SergVlad, :-)

Mbo, thanks!

Builder, thanks! I replied!

SergVlad; Interestingly, do you yourself know anything or just know how to bark?
I mastered my semi-annual course of the tower well enough. Yes, and who told you
What am I a programmer by education?

Крыс   (2001-12-16 13:04) [7]

Mbo, I will drip numerical methods! Thanks for the help!

SergVlad   (2001-12-17 14:38) [8]

Then write, they say so and so - the future biologist, I study the monkeys in the monkey and then the professor paused - write a program that the monkeys in the photo made in the dark can divide into males and females.
Math and programming need not be confused.
And in the fact that there is a section of mathematics "Numerical Methods" any natural student knows.
Or what are they already teaching you there?
Bring money for study on time?

Well, but more seriously, the task needs to be more accurately and more fully described.
If you put a hundred curves (and what?) On the 10x10 pix picture, then I’m afraid there’s nothing to be done.
Numerical methods are a branch of computational mathematics that does not directly solve your problem.
Your task combines recognition and prediction tasks (primitively - extrapolation).
For more specific answers, additional facts are needed (width of curves, expected type, etc.)

SergVlad   (2001-12-17 15:40) [9]

Deleted by moderator

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