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Катя   (2001-12-17 15:25) [0]

I can’t understand why the eighth form doesn’t join the project. More precisely, it joins, but if you write some kind of code, an error comes out and the seventh form (to which the 8 is attached) also hangs.

gek   (2001-12-17 15:28) [1]

The question itself is incomprehensible. More specifically

MBo   (2001-12-17 15:45) [2]

Yes, it's probably Nastenka’s girlfriend is kidding

Юрий Зотов   (2001-12-17 15:51) [3]

This is an undocumented feature of Delphi. The thing is that in the project there cannot be 8 forms - there must be either 7 or 9. Add the ninth form to the project - and everything will work. True, under one condition - in no case do not write any code in any of the forms. For the project to work, this is extremely harmful.

Катя   (2001-12-17 16:00) [4]

// for MBo ©
I’m not Nastenka, much less her girlfriend, I’m an unfortunate student who will donate blood from the nose the day after tomorrow to Delphi

MBo   (2001-12-17 16:04) [5]

Then I apologize.
In all likelihood (according to information from your second branch)
you do not have a form and, accordingly, a stringgrid on it at the moment when you turn to it. Give the code related to this.

gek   (2001-12-17 16:05) [6]

Well, what problems
Form8: = TForm8.create (application); try // here fill code Form8.stringgrid Form8.ShowModal; finally Form8.free; end;
A message acces violation at address </> This is nothing more than a memory problem. The program is trying to capture memory that does not belong to it.
See if you release everything correctly and do not access objects that have not yet been created
>> Yuri Zotov
Cool about the number of forms and code in forms

Катя   (2001-12-17 16:24) [7]

"tuta fill code" does not work Still have any options?
Just in case, I will give the code
i, n, j: integer;
Form8: = TForm.create (application);
n: = 1;
for i: = 1 to Stringgrid1.Rowcount-1 do begin
if strtoint (Stringgrid1.cells [9, i]) = 0 then
for j: = 1 to n do begin
Form8.Stringgrid1.cells [0, j]: = inttostr (j);
end; end;

Dmitriy(new)   (2001-12-17 16:28) [8]

Stringgrid1.Rowcount - ?? how much

gek   (2001-12-17 16:31) [9]

1. Why do you always have the second cycle j = 1?
2. Does the number of columns of the first grid and the second match
3.Where RowCount Increase
RowCount: = RowCount + 1; // increase the number of lines of the second grid

MBo   (2001-12-17 16:35) [10]

form8 - is created dynamically. And in * .dpr it is not created?
you create it with the TForm constructor, not TForm8 - that means it is by default, and there is no Stringgrid on it!
if there is no dpr
Application.CreateForm (TForm8, Form8);
do it
Form8: = TForm 8.create (application);

Катя   (2001-12-17 16:38) [11]

But what really is the difference, the number of columns in the tables coincides or not? .. I have 10 in one, 3 in the other, and I sent the code, of course, false-hurried.

Катя   (2001-12-17 17:14) [12]

Thank you very much - everything worked !!!

NickBat   (2001-12-17 17:19) [13]

Did you remove the form from Auto-Create Forms in the project? And then after all, she is trying to create a second time, and that's cursing. :))

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