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Анатолий   (2001-12-17 06:36) [0]

How to reduce charting time using the Chart module.
I build four Series lines of the Fast line type on the module. I work with Delphi versions of 4 on a Pentium 166 PC. Curve construction takes several minutes. How to speed up charting? I don’t need much accuracy.

Mbo   (2001-12-17 06:52) [1]

It should be on the order of a second with a reasonable number of points.
how many points do you have and what is the size of RAM (memory)?
give the code.

Fellomena   (2001-12-17 10:27) [2]

I have on Duron650 192PC133 Huindai with a large number of points (more than 250) a regular graph (with points, i.e. not fastline)
also slows down a bit (seconds 5-6 happens).
What would this process go faster ... hmm ... can the priority of the program be raised to try?

Alx2   (2001-12-17 11:57) [3]

Maybe you should not draw a lot of dots? For example, you can try to reduce their number due to some kind of interpolation.

Fellomena   (2001-12-17 12:29) [4]

Yeah, with a capacity to deal with his task, you have to mess with all sorts of things.
... I remember this interpolation ... with cubic splines ... pah - muck 8 \
(by the way, very good to see you 8)
you and Mbo always help me (and not only) in terms of mathematics and 8 graphs)
Thank you so much guys!

Alx2   (2001-12-17 12:56) [5]

Mutually glad :))
As for the interpolation: if the graphs are quite smooth, then the interpolation may look, for example, as a simple ejection of every second point.

Alx2   (2001-12-17 12:57) [6]

Here you go! Sorry that misinterpreted nickname.

Mbo   (2001-12-17 13:35) [7]

here it is in D3 on P200mmx - 3 seconds FastLine, 5 sec. regular Line

for i: = 1 to 10000 do begin
series1.addxy (i, sin (0.001 * i), "", clTeeColor);
series2.addxy (i, sin (0.002 * i), "", clTeeColor);
series3.addxy (i, sin (0.003 * i), "", clTeeColor);
series4.addxy (i, sin (0.004 * i), "", clTeeColor);

Fellomena   (2001-12-17 17:23) [8]

2 Mbo: in your example, you use a primitive change algorithm i
And try to make some more cumbersome calculations in the loop (let alone go far - multidimensional minimization, even if 2 of the parameter).
Those. each step point is put in a cycle ... The count itself, without output, passes quickly, the output of a large number of points (judging by your example) is also not long ...,
but if the conclusion and the score are combined, then time grows ... grows very much ...

MBo   (2001-12-17 17:30) [9]

Quite possible. This slightly resembles the situation solved using BeginUpdate in boxes.
Here we have not seen the code from the author.

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