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Ser_Kham1   (2001-12-17 16:10) [0]

Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I read help on the ListBox and read in the description of the Items property:
"By default, the items in a list box are of type TStrings."
And what can somehow be changed is By default and done so that items in
a list box are of any other type?
Regards, baby.

MBo   (2001-12-17 16:18) [1]

a) no, unless you rewrite it yourself
b) there is no need, because to every line in strings you can attach an object - any!

Fellomena   (2001-12-17 17:08) [2]

Mbo said it right, here is an example:

i: real;
i: = 1.35;
i: = sqrt (i * i);
ListBox1.Items [0]: = FloatToStr (i); // type conversion mechanism


MBo   (2001-12-17 17:12) [3]

I meant listbox1.items.objects [i]

Fellomena   (2001-12-17 17:14) [4]

... who cares ?

Ser_Kham1   (2001-12-17 17:19) [5]

Thanks MBo. It will suit me. However, the question arises, when I insert or add new elements to the list, I will need to dynamically create the corresponding Objects. However, then I will probably need to take care of deleting dynamically created Objects, or will the compiler do the dirty work for me?

Виктор Щербаков   (2001-12-17 17:23) [6]

You will have to delete it yourself.
To destroy objects automatically you need to use

Dimka Maslov   (2001-12-17 17:24) [7]

The compiler will not do the dirty work. You need to take care of creating objects and freeing them yourself.

MBo   (2001-12-17 17:25) [8]

the difference in the ability to add ANY object - from the icon to the featured component, if, of course, such a desire arises

Yes, you must delete it manually. From the standard Delphi data structures, as far as I remember, only TObjectList itself releases its elements.

Fellomena   (2001-12-17 17:31) [9]

2 Mbo: yes no ... the difference between the object and, for example, the string value, I understand =)
I meant that the implementation (software) of the ListBox does not change (if you know what I mean).

MBo   (2001-12-17 17:37) [10]

I got it.

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