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Why are all forms from a DLL displayed on the taskbar? Find similar branches

Nicolas_   (2002-03-20 16:55) [0]

Hello. The situation is as follows:
In the DLL there is a form when I load the DLL and create it, it is displayed on the taskbar. This is normal. But why all the other forms that I call from the main TOOL are displayed on the taskbar? Even Application.MessageBox.
Actually, I need to display only the 1 (main) form from the DLL on the taskbar.

Fellomena   (2002-03-20 16:58) [1]

Write MDI application

Nicolas_   (2002-03-20 17:02) [2]

I do not need MDI. It is necessary SDI.

Внук   (2002-03-20 17:03) [3]

Well, not so bad. Here is an excerpt from Help:
When it comes to the VCL forms, it is a rule. This makes the dll's form part of the host application. Never assign to the Handle property in an exe.
Try to play with Handle "s and everything will work out.

Nicolas_   (2002-03-20 17:14) [4]

Thank you very much, grandson! Everything worked out.

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Forum: "Main";
Current archive: 2002.04.01;
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