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But a little glitch ... Find similar branches

Alexei Dragoner   (2002-07-24 11:57) [0]

good afternoon,
Property Form.HasBorder. A wonderful property, but if you set it to FALSE in runtime, and then back to TRUE, then the window does not return to its original form. Return the window, please :)

Thank you.

SPeller   (2002-07-24 17:33) [1]

Take it and bring it back, hands for what? :) Call some thread Invalidate

Alexei Dragoner   (2002-07-24 18:04) [2]

So, for those who do not understand ... Invalidate has nothing to do with it, the caption disappears completely at the window, despite the set property to true. Do a test on Delphi with an analog of BorderStyle: = bsNone and on KOL ... and feel the difference ....


HekTo   (2002-07-25 01:39) [3]

If you need to drive it here, use GetWindowLong / SetWindowsLong with the GWL_STYLE parameter and leave HasCaption alone. For details, see the help for these functions in the help menu ...

SPeller   (2002-07-25 05:28) [4]

> Alexei Dragoner (24.07.02 18: 04)
> So, for those who do not understand ...

Yes, I understand everything. You think I don’t know which KOL is buggy? All glitches are fixed by hands.

Alexei Dragoner   (2002-07-25 11:05) [5]

Well here, guys, let me disagree. If you write in WinAPI, then why KOL? Yes, and this forum in order to find and point out glitches, and not just look for all sorts of ways to get around them. Is not it so?
And the situation with HasBorder can occur, for example, when you write a full-screen application to return to window mode ...
Thanks to all,

SPeller   (2002-07-25 13:13) [6]

> Alexei Dragoner (25.07.02 11: 05)
> Well here, guys, let me disagree. If you write
> on WinAPI, then why KOL?

KOL is a very good wrapper for VINAPI. Try to do everything that KOL gives on a pure API. And one more thing, KOL is also an assembler. Check out the kol.pas file

HekTo   (2002-07-25 13:54) [7]

> Well here, guys, let me disagree. If you write
> on WinAPI, then why KOL?

You cannot roll up all winapi in the KOL, so sometimes you have to use the apey functions in addition to the KOL.

Vladimir Kladov   (2002-07-25 15:36) [8]

I will correct it. Although it is very interesting for what purpose it took
remove and restore the curb from the form in dynamics. But with
the title will return the system menu, minimize and restore buttons. Do not like it - change the styles yourself. In KOL, this is simpler than in VCL - the Style and ExStyle properties.

Alexei Dragoner   (2002-07-25 16:34) [9]

Application example: OpenGL application - switching to full-screen mode (you need to get rid of caption and border) and vice versa ... Of course, you can use purely API functions, but the interest is, in fact, in KOL itself ...

Thanks again...

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Forum: "KOL";
Current archive: 2003.05.01;
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