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frostbite   (2001-10-31 17:11) [0]

Please tell me how you can rewrite the contents of one (of byte) array into another (of longint), provided that in the 1 array the data is written in reverse ([ml byte ml of word] [article byte ml of word] [ml. sl.] [Art. B. Art.]]. What kind of f-tion is there or what kind of mate action with them to do

McSimm   (2001-10-31 17:31) [1]

This is the correct byte order. You can just copy it.
For example Move

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-10-31 17:51) [2]

The correct order does not exist, this is the correct order for the Intel platform, on others the correct order may be different.
If the array is of bytes, then what words are we talking about?

Digitman   (2001-11-01 10:32) [3]

First you need to make sure that the size of the byte array is a multiple of the size of the element of the longint array. Otherwise, further actions are meaningless.

Digitman   (2001-11-01 10:34) [4]

First, make sure that the size of the byte array is a multiple of the size of the element of the longint array (bytearraysize mod sizeof (longint) = 0). Otherwise, further actions are meaningless.

frostbite   (2001-11-02 11:07) [5]

But let them not be written the other way around, is not the eldest coming first?

frostbite   (2001-11-02 11:08) [6]

But aren't the bytes in memory in the reverse order?
And with a multiplicity of problems there is no everything is checked and specially calculated

frostbite   (2001-11-02 11:22) [7]

Thank you all very much, I slowed down
"The brake is also a mechanism, only a little completely" (c) My wife

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-11-02 15:17) [8]

frostbite © (02.11.01 11: 08)
Explain that in your direct / reverse order?
and see post by Anatoly Podgoretsky © (31.10.01 17: 51)
In my opinion, the concept of direct / reverse order is very conditional, and the confusion comes from the visual representation of addresses on paper, I prefer to operate with the category senior byte and senior addresses or high byte at lower addresses (big / little endian order), provided that the addresses, bytes and the bits are numbered in a predetermined manner.

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Forum: "Grab";
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