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Anyone who wears (l) glasses! The question is not idle Find similar branches

iea   (2001-11-02 13:34) [0]

About 2-3 about a month ago, the question “What is the vision of programmers?” Was published at the conference. One author (I don’t remember his name) described that he raised his eyesight by several diopters with the help of some exercises (or methods). I would like to know what kind of exercise? I don’t believe something, usually the most radical way is to run to the bow to the laser, but money ... (I think it's expensive).

If someone went through a laser, tell me, did it really help? And how much time is spent on recovery.

Феликс   (2001-11-02 13:44) [1]

Try searching online for a description of these exercises. When my vision deteriorated a year ago, I found a description of the exercises for improving vision. However, laziness took its toll and I did not use them, although the site (where these same exercises were) had a lot of exclamations that their eyesight just got better and better every day. Maybe gonivo, and maybe true ....

Внук   (2001-11-02 14:15) [2]

I remember the discussion and even participated myself, but I forgot the title of the book: ((By the way, I am also interested to know about the laser.

DK   (2001-11-03 04:42) [3]

(I’m better still wearing glasses)

Knight   (2001-11-03 10:23) [4]

Our laser is incredibly expensive, and vision must be improved ...
Glasses got ...

Torry   (2001-11-03 17:09) [5]

Wear contact lenses. I've been wearing it for about ten years now, my vision is not floating.

By the way, it is lenses, not glasses, that are recommended for children with visual impairment - then myopia does not progress (due to the constant focus).

Knight   (2001-11-03 18:35) [6]


Никто   (2001-11-04 03:42) [7]

He performed an operation with Fedorov, but at that time, 1989. I still do not regret it. I think that new technologies are no worse, but I will not recommend them! I'm afraid that the thirst for money, now may be higher than professionalism.

Adder   (2001-11-04 05:23) [8]

> DK and how much UAH. in one green?

Polevi   (2001-11-04 09:46) [9]

St. Petersburg rates in $

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Forum: "Grab";
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