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Olgerd   (2001-11-01 21:44) [0]

Has anyone ever sold their shareware programs?
If so, please tell us more.

fliz   (2001-11-02 12:31) [1]

and what specifically interests?
the question is too broad and unclear.

Феликс   (2001-11-02 13:16) [2]

I think that many tried to sell, but not all sold :))
Here are a couple of interesting points you should know. First, sell something for our compatriots. bad business. You may find a couple of natives, but it will be very difficult to do this. If sold, then only to the western market. To do this, you need to at least get good software. Then you need to think about how they will pay you. This is also a question, and a very serious one. Secondly, you can’t break prices. For example, software for hacking zipped archives costs 9 $, but a program like HiEW costs 15 $. Obviously, in order to earn at least 100 $ you need to find people from 7-11 who will be ready to pay for your miracle, and finding so many people is not easy (even among the bourgeoisie). Well, finally, I will express my opinion and say that basically our programmers make software to order. For example, yesterday in a newspaper I saw: "Programmers create custom-made software for firms and enterprises." Such a thing, in my humble opinion, in our conditions of worthless integration in the world economy is much more real.

Threat. Must agree with fliz. The question is really too broad. 10 offers you will not answer.

Olgerd   (2001-11-03 18:13) [3]

Of course, it makes no sense to sell programs in Russia, unless you have made something like AVP. But if the Russian freeware version was downloaded by 500 people, then, I think, the bourgeois will buy 50. I am interested in which agencies a single programmer can work for. For example, SoftDepia. Which ones are better, maybe someone knows. And they are also interested in "the peculiarities of national money receipt." As far as I understand, one cannot do without opening a foreign currency account?

РУС   (2001-11-04 01:51) [4]

About the payment. Try WebMoney. 1WM = 1USD. http://www.webmoney.ru

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Forum: "Grab";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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Display on the form of graphics from memory

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Someone wanted to stretch their brains? What are the options for the algorithm?

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2001-11-08 15:24
Is this a bug in Delphi ?! : ((

2001-12-16 07:24

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