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Дремучий   (2001-11-03 14:10) [0]

how to make a splash-window in principle everyone knows. g)
Before downloading the program, an 0 window appears with a picture ...
but with special effects, for example, a smooth manifestation on the background of the Desktop.
those. the part of the desktop is copied which is under the picture and
the effect of a smooth transition from this picture to
picture splash-windows ...

in principle, it is enough to make the transition from Bitmap1 to Bitmap2

Knight   (2001-11-03 14:23) [1]

I don’t dare to do it because of the lack of a computer, and Delphi now, but in theory you need to sort through all the pixels and change the color from Bitmap1 to the color of this pixel BitMap2 on each one. You can immediately, but if you really want to, then successively along the rainbow - was green became blue, then blue, etc.
If the way of sorting pixels is changed, then the effect is different.

Дремучий   (2001-11-03 14:36) [2]

2 Knight ©
I agree, it is necessary to sort through all the pixels, the question is how
so that it turns out beautiful effect

one of the commandments of a happy person says
if some work is given to you with difficulty -
let her make others


P / S / effect will be used in the Sea Fight project
necessarily there will be a link to the author

Nikolay   (2001-11-03 18:36) [3]

Well, of course you can try. Only the question arises: is the theme of the screensaver proper or not? and another tip, you include it in the competition on this site !!!

That's it!

Knight   (2001-11-03 19:00) [4]

Well, beautiful for a long time, but you can search for pixels with a certain color, then with a different color, etc.

Дремучий   (2001-11-03 19:03) [5]

2 all
2 Nikolay ©
regarding the Sea Fight project -
all copyrighted materials (drawings, effects (ideas), sections of code, etc.)
will have links to authors
everything will be collected, but naturally the best will be published. ;))

The theme of the screen saver is SEA BATTLE and everything connected with it, but if they are
some alternative topic decisions (such as mermaids, pirates and
etc.) - also accepted ...

regarding effects - the best algorithms will be included in frteware component.
I repeat necessarily there will be a link to the author

McSimm   (2001-11-04 11:19) [6]

In my toy (sapper, it’s on my site, though without source) I wrote 2 of the simplest smooth transition from bitmap to bitmap. One for the 256 color palette, the other for full color. I'll look and send the procedure.

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