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Are there many left-handers among programmers? Find similar branches

vasco   (2001-10-26 17:57) [0]

Here Temko about the clock was discussed: http://delphi.mastak.ru/cgi-bin/forum.pl?look=1&id=1004003917&n=3
And, like a left-handed person (almost the same-handed), I noticed a couple of remarks about the mechanics on my right hand (he recently ditched a Citizen mechanical hammering nails with his left hand).
So the question is? According to generally accepted statistics, left-handed people are every 20. And among programmers, this alignment is observed?
I promise to track this topic and keep a count ...

McSimm   (2001-10-26 18:28) [1]

I know only one lefty. And he is a programmer.

limon   (2001-10-26 20:40) [2]

I’m almost the same-handed, the left - for rough work, the right - for the exact

y-soft   (2001-10-27 18:42) [3]

I am left-handed in its purest form (I only write and eat right, and even as a result of forced retraining in childhood). I wear a watch on my right hand after I split it several times in a row :)

DK   (2001-10-28 03:08) [4]

I am writing right (I didn’t want, but forced), everything else is left.

lun   (2001-10-28 07:56) [5]

I'm right-handed, in its purest form :))

vasco   (2001-10-28 12:46) [6]

Yes, it turns out incorrectly a little (from the point of view of statistics), only one left-handed person answers ...

StelZ   (2001-10-29 00:07) [7]

I'm left-handed ... just eating with my right hand ...

-=CrazyFish=-   (2001-10-29 10:37) [8]

Among my acquaintances programmers are two left-handed people.

nikkie   (2001-10-29 13:55) [9]

something like.

at school retrained to write with the right, but I can both. when I think, I prefer to write left. I draw only with the left. I eat only the right.

my father’s about the same - he eats only left, writes right, draws left. but he is not a programmer :)

Merlin   (2001-10-29 14:13) [10]

> Yes, it turns out incorrectly a little (from the point of view of statistics), only one left-handed person answers ...

Because the question was incorrectly asked. You have already addressed only to left-handed people, because basically they answer.

Merlin   (2001-10-29 14:38) [11]

PS I’m right-handed :) Moreover, in my youth I broke my left collarbone and for about 5 months she was in a cast, since then I’ve been even more right-handed than you can imagine :) although I try to develop it constantly.

fliz   (2001-10-29 15:05) [12]

I do not know how left-handed, but the "leftist" in bulk.
can draw a window in a dolphy - means proger.
then you don’t need to read any jokes when
after such "progers" you modify the program.

This is me about my sore. And so from ~ 20 programmers
I know only 2 lefties.

Amit   (2001-11-03 21:24) [13]

<Table border = "1">
<TD align = "Center" bgcolor = "yellow">
I'm left-handed
I work with my left hand
when someone in the face must also be given with his left hand,
and I’m writing with my right hand not because I liked the ent,
and from that, at school, the teachers forced me to write right.
what about deadlines no problem writing normal programs
and no dowelling is necessary.
</ TD>

vasco   (2001-11-04 01:56) [14]

> Merlin
I agree. Was wrong.
Is it possible to formulate such questions in the vote?
For example:
1. Which hand do you bother with tea? a) left b) right c) spoon
Although the statistics do not accept jokes ..., again everyone will answer that with a spoon.

MJH   (2001-11-05 15:01) [15]

Or maybe the question is as follows (by analogy with a left-handed person who had a horseshoe flea) - who can subscribe to the 1x1 pixel gif? ;))

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