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Programmer, what's your name? Find similar branches

Китаец Как Зо Вут   (2001-11-01 10:12) [0]

do you have your nicknames?
1) so historically happened
2) invented himself
3) inherited
4) from the ceiling ...

or something else?

here I am for example - Chinese xxx
because I think that in a past life I was hanging out in about that region. ;)

Dimka Maslov   (2001-11-01 10:40) [1]

I have such a nickname so that stupid questions are not asked why from this.

nikols   (2001-11-01 10:43) [2]

My name is Kolka.

Китаец Уто Чню   (2001-11-01 10:51) [3]

Is this a surname?
questions are not stupid.
questions are not accurate, not tactful, etc.

Merlin   (2001-11-01 11:24) [4]

3) inherited

asafr   (2001-11-01 11:27) [5]

Andrey Safronov ...

Nemesis   (2001-11-01 11:27) [6]

In KVN a few years ago there was such a scene:
One yelling at the weight of the hall:
- Sigismund ... Sigismund ... ...
Second to him:
- Yes, there was no Sigismund with us ...
First sho:
- Yes, I just like that - a sonorous name ...

... :)

Гриф   (2001-11-01 11:44) [7]

Once upon a time, one of my friends called me that.

McSimm   (2001-11-01 11:59) [8]

Historically so. I have this nickname for over 10 years. And he arose in the wake of the struggle against anti-American prejudice. Now this is funny, of course, but I'm used to it.

Бармен   (2001-11-01 12:05) [9]

I like to pour ;-)

Дремучий   (2001-11-01 12:24) [10]

searched and found ...

actually they call me Kolobok,
for solidity - Kolya Bokov

Ежик   (2001-11-01 12:33) [11]

And my friends call me that because one day I cut my hair very short and looked like a hedgehog. :)

Dima-k17   (2001-11-01 12:43) [12]

And my name is simply Dima, and k-17 is the name of our network (Local).

Andrews   (2001-11-01 13:00) [13]

1): 0)

nest   (2001-11-01 13:56) [14]


iea   (2001-11-01 15:02) [15]

Something we have a lot of Chinese divorced. I read "Chinese ....." (counted about 6). This is not surprising. China is a big country, breed like rabbits. ;)

knight   (2001-11-01 16:03) [16]

This is from a lot of bigotry I have such a nickname. And that’s it.

Regards Knight.

Smuggler   (2001-11-01 16:05) [17]

I agree with Nemesis "om. My nickname is just a sonorous word (taken from an Eagles song called Smuggler's Blues). Generally, this means "smuggler." In principle, I love all sorts of non-standard approaches and not only in programming. :) And so, everyone is already used to it and transcribed it as "Dark-skinned". Nothing cool ...
Z.Y. And as for the Chinese - something is true a lot of them divorced. Probably, as in that joke, "in small groups of a million people" creep along the Runet.

Jey   (2001-11-01 16:39) [18]

And I have it so historically. Yes, and the name seems to be something.
And not JAY because it was usually busy on mail servers. So here
and has grown, already 3.

Ajax   (2001-11-01 17:00) [19]

There is such a hero in Greek mythology, Ajax Talamnid, he seems to be a pretty cool guy ...

-=Crazy Fish=-   (2001-11-01 17:01) [20]

Since childhood, I draw fish, from here and nickname ...

ozzy   (2001-11-01 17:04) [21]

I’m because if I shave with long hair, I’m very similar to Ozzy Osbourne, but :), and if with a week’s stubble, then to Sasha Tsekalo :)))

fliz   (2001-11-01 17:19) [22]


who by Tolkinism in Moscow / Neskuchny Sad fanatel, perhaps knows
why. I won’t say it :))

Donal   (2001-11-01 17:29) [23]

And I read Gordon R. Dixon’s books :-)) He has such a hero there in the Dorsai cycle (for example, the book "Born General") ...

поручик Пулковский   (2001-11-01 19:26) [24]

Because in St. Petersburg there are, as it were, two airports. One is Rzhevka, the other is Pulkovo. This is where Pulkovsky comes from, since it’s not Rzhevsky.

поручик Пулковский   (2001-11-01 19:37) [25]

Yes, I completely forgot, Lieutenant, because I often have to hold onto the handrails.

Китаец Мно Го   (2001-11-01 20:12) [26]

We are a lot of Chinese, we are all on one face, on one name Chinese,
and unfortunately on one computer ...

but honestly,
we are many-sided people and our names are sho snow in winter. ;)
where did the Chinese such names?
a Chinese takes a copper coin, throws it into a copper pipe and listens ...
Qun Qin Qian ...

33   (2001-11-02 02:49) [27]

Muller decided to check the Gestapo, arranged a test:
First comes
- M. What is the number.
- P. 42
- M. And why not 24?
- P. Maybe 24.
- M. So, we write - it is morally unstable.

The second comes
- M. What is the number.
- B. 87
- M. And why not 78?
- B. No 87.
- M. So, we write - stupid and limited.

Third comes
- M. What is the number.
- T. 33
- M. And why not ... and it’s you Stirlitz!

Никто   (2001-11-02 03:46) [28]

NIKOV to me is a legion. Although I still regret that MY nickname “Someone” was taken from under my nose because of the fucking Internet.

PONTIY   (2001-11-02 08:28) [29]

And my friends called me that because of excessive cleanliness, I like to wash my hands :)

rsmike   (2001-11-02 09:55) [30]

I’ve come up with this nickname myself in 12 years. It seems to be just a derivative of mike, which is always busy and registered, but how it got accustomed ...

Ross   (2001-11-02 15:02) [31]

Rostislav rotaru

Merlin   (2001-11-02 15:07) [32]

You can make a summary that most often a nickname is a derivative of a name.
I seem to be the only one to whom the nickname inherited :)))
My "father" in the internet signed Korvin, and those who read the Amber Chronicles know who Corvin’s son is :)

SONJA   (2001-11-02 19:08) [33]

I like to sleep very much.

vuk   (2001-11-02 20:53) [34]

And I do not have a nickname, but a pseudonym. I got it a long time ago, when - I just don’t remember exactly and it somehow came about by itself (but actually it’s 3 the first letters of the name).

True, now I write my pseudonym in English letters. ; o)

DK   (2001-11-03 04:29) [35]

And I have just the initials

Mystic   (2001-11-04 13:33) [36]

See the story on the site

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-11-04 15:51) [37]

Nick = pseudonym = alias = nickname and many more other blueprints

Вадим   (2001-11-04 22:13) [38]

I wonder why I have such a nickname?

vuk   (2001-11-04 23:17) [39]

to Anatoly Podgoretsky:
> Nick = alias = alias = nickname
= drove; o)

I don’t know ... Somehow the concept of "nickname" is associated more with the Network, that is, it is a network alias. I have it everywhere alone. ; o)

Vadim   (2001-11-04 23:19) [40]

Looks like the same as mine ...

qwrtp   (2001-11-05 03:27) [41]

Hello word & integer & string & ...

Download, please, that in my nickname! :)

Wetnose   (2001-11-05 06:47) [42]

2) He invented it himself - hr. runny nose

Alx2   (2001-11-05 09:25) [43]

When we studied at the university, in our group two dudes had the same names / middle names (one of them is me). Teacher of it. He didn’t like to call us by name and thought of distinguishing between Alexey der Erste and Alexey der Zweite. Well, it took root - Alx2

ShaggyDoc   (2001-11-05 13:14) [44]

When I (30 years ago) served in underground squadron, our boatswain Vitya Plohotnyuk called all the sailors Volosanami

- Come on, hairy, we’ll slap this BE-DRINK-TWO so that all her shriki fall off!

Chief Vanya Sergushov, hearing such an appeal, frowned. He was a cultured man. And he knew languages.
Therefore he called any of us shaggy, which in the language of John Lennon means about the same.

However, after I (foolishly, of course) nevertheless hooked one flying reptile, he became sympathetic (what about, at least, another star on the shoulder strap,
and even on the chest!) and uttered a historical phrase:
-Well, you Shaggy Doc!

After that, the nickname ShaggyDoc became my official callsign, and so forever stuck.

shiva   (2001-11-05 18:14) [45]

Historically developed. A certain derivative of the initials.

shiva   (2001-11-05 18:17) [46]

Although, on the other hand, why not call me, say, Random? Or Mandor? :)

LANCELOT   (2001-11-06 02:18) [47]

Yes, just a beautiful name. Again, at one time he loved to chop in HMM2 for Knight.

Nemesis   (2001-11-06 10:45) [48]

> qwrtp
It is easy to guess if you know anecdote:
The son of a programmer in the first English lesson after he was asked the alphabet (English of course):

and you only have consonants

Delirium   (2001-11-06 14:14) [49]

All I'm talking about is nonsense, pure water :)

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