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Survey: Who is engaged (knows, interested in CORBA) Find similar branches

nikols   (2001-10-31 18:55) [0]

Survey: Who is engaged (knows, interested in CORBA). In what volume, for how long, for what purpose, in what Delphi (or not in Delphi). Thanks to all.

iZEN   (2001-10-31 22:01) [1]

I did it, though not for long. This is a very large and complex technology designed to build a corporate multi-tier enterprise infrastructure. Delphi makes it difficult to create full-fledged CORBA applications. Only in Delphi6 did the normal idl2pas compiler appear.
But I advise you (if you want to do something in Delphi for Windows) in small projects to use Web-server pages (ASP), or DCOM / COM +, as a last resort ActiveForm (MIDAS). Take a closer look at SOAP / XML.

Clover   (2001-11-01 06:12) [2]

JAVA2 is more suitable for working with CORBA.
In general, the OMG consortium maintains a software specification for which CORBA is oriented (this is Java, C ++, Smaltalk, etc.). And as far as I know Delphi (at least it was before the release of Delphi6) they are not included. So the support of the CORBA technology is exclusively a merit of Borland. However, the support is very modest - in the fifth Delphi it was not possible to create a full-fledged server application, besides, everything was implemented via COM ;-) I don’t know how it is with Delphi6, because I didn’t work.

nikols   (2001-11-01 09:59) [3]

I absolutely agree with the two previous statements. The purpose of my question was to find out if any of those present are engaged in this technology in practice, whether they are developing applications using CORBA and what complexity ... The fact is that I, in particular, take part in the development of a multi-link system based on CORBA, and I would like to find people doing something like that to share experiences. True, we write in C ++ Builder with implementation elements in Delphi. Regarding Delphi6: Indeed, in my opinion, it is not OMG certified so far. But even the appearance of a compiler with IDL does not indicate the possibility of using all the possibilities of CORBA, for example, there is no possibility of working with POA. But BOA applications can be created quite real. Now about Java: A rather young, but rapidly developing language, like the technologies implemented on it ... But the pascal and C ++ programmer is probably frightened by the shadow of java's slow work, as well as ignorance of the language. In addition, I do not see the big advantages of using java to create a CORBA system, an EJB is another matter. Despite all of the above, Delphi6 is a tool for creating CORBA systems, an understanding of the basic principles of construction. And since the latest development policy of Borland is the creation of environments for programming corporate systems, then CORBA still needs to be paid attention to. Glad to any opinions.

iZEN   (2001-11-07 09:10) [4]

Delphi is not a complete tool for creating CORBA-systems (all at the discretion of Borland). As for Borland C ++ Builder, you can't say this, after all, C ++ is one of the basic languages ​​in CORBA OMG, decent things are written on it.

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Forum: "Grab";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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