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Merlin   (2001-11-02 13:04) [0]

I read here about one funny site http://web.archive.org/, it makes archives of sites from around the internet! Found zayt in the base laid, after several. months took a new shot ...
Nu-nu, I think, let's see ... I enter the search http://delphi.mastak.com and so you think ?! Archive ah from 8 on August 2000 :)
This is how we looked more than a year ago:
Shine! :)

panov   (2001-11-02 14:42) [1]

I first saw the site this spring ...
Yes, sir. Changed a lot...

Вадим   (2001-11-02 14:57) [2]

Well, nifiga yourself. The site has changed.

Dima-k17   (2001-11-02 15:54) [3]

Class !!!!! And I came here only this year.

fliz   (2001-11-02 16:50) [4]

I probably didn’t understand something - in fact, the entire Internet is stored
in the archives on this site ?. my roof blows or how much
is it in terra gigabytes?

Дремучий   (2001-11-02 16:51) [5]

Yes, the authors honestly work out their breads ....

Merlin   (2001-11-02 16:54) [6]

write that 120 terabyte.
I doubt that this is all Internet, but they very a lot of.

JohnnyCrisJoe   (2001-11-02 21:51) [7]

Was on the site a week ago, they have a copy of mail.ru for 1998 a year, with a working one :)).
And as far as I wandered about it, if the site had at least a couple of links before the 2001 year, then it is there ... Cool, of course ..

Knight   (2001-11-03 10:34) [8]

And the authors are not there ...

And again: what did it do?

Regards Knight.

lun   (2001-11-03 11:29) [9]

heh, so I’ll say it they’ve come up with great :)

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Forum: "Grab";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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Ineta cost (hour)

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How to start the program immediately show another one over the main form?

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About static DLL loading from CBuilder

Kryptin phreek
2001-10-11 19:43
Sockets ... Lokka ...

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