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I'm shocked Find similar branches

Merlin   (2001-11-02 10:13) [0]

Letter to delphi@mastak.com
I've already searched many sites in search of a code description that would allow an application to place its icon on the taskbar next to the clock, but all my efforts were not crowned with success ... So, I decided to turn to you now, can you help?

Clover   (2001-11-02 10:21) [1]

no comment ;-)

fliz   (2001-11-02 10:24) [2]

and if really went over and did not find?


and what did you answer him? ;)

panov   (2001-11-02 10:26) [3]

Well, you give the person a working code example! :-)
1. place icon in Tray.
2. hide application window.
3. Screw the MenuPopup to the icon. :-)

Merlin   (2001-11-02 10:32) [4]

panov, write an example of this code with such comments so that even those who rummaged through the Internet to find out how to do it and not found!!!
And I'll put a link to it in the top menu :))

Виктор Щербаков   (2001-11-02 10:45) [5]

The problem was obviously what it was.
The author simply did not know that the place where the clock is called is Tray.
Therefore, all links like "how to place an icon in the tray" were ignored by him.
Therefore, a link to the top menu you need this:
"How to put an icon next to the clock."

PS: By the way, DrunkenDolphin did just that.

Masa   (2001-11-02 12:24) [6]

function TaskBarAddIcon (hWindow: THandle; ID: Cardinal;
ICON: hicon; CallbackMessage: Cardinal; Tip: String): Boolean;
NID: TNotifyIconData;
FillChar (NID, SizeOf (TNotifyIconData), 0);
with NID do
cbSize: = SizeOf (TNotifyIconData);
Wnd: = hWindow;
uID: = id;
uCallbackMessage: = CallbackMessage;
hIcon: = Icon;
if Length (Tip)> 63 then SetLength (Tip, 63);
StrPCopy (szTip, Tip);

Result: = Shell_NotifyIcon (NIM_ADD, @NID);


procedures TForm1.Button1Click (Sender: TObject);
TaskBarAddIcon (32,1, MB_OK, 40, "Hello");

panov   (2001-11-02 12:34) [7]

> masa
and PopupMenu? :-)

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-11-02 12:40) [8]

Merlin © (02.11.01 10: 32)
This will not help, they will not find it anyway :-)
A question that won 7 Oscar awards

Alexei   (2001-11-02 12:44) [9]

Any normal programmer on [Delphi] should have an RX library - and there are sources of the corresponding component [TRxTrayIcon]. How to find this library in inete - homework :-)

Феликс   (2001-11-02 12:54) [10]

Well, in fact you are in vain, Merlin, so surprised. It is possible that the person was really looking, but did not find it. Another question is what and how much he was looking for ...
What is really not clear, so why the man did not ask his question in the forum. Or did not look for such questions in the forum (I think that somewhere I have already seen such a question with a detailed and understandable answer).
Total: Sinfully dare. above the lamers, it would be better if you pointed out to his mistakes. It is clear that not everyone will understand their mistakes and take the path of correction, but it is better to try to do this than to mess with the unfortunate lover of Delphi.

-=CrazyFish=-   (2001-11-02 13:00) [11]

Agree with Felix

Dimka Maslov   (2001-11-02 13:03) [12]

> Alexei
I do not think that Any normal programmer on [Delphi] should have an RX library, because the programmer must think with his head himself, and not use any nonsense that is shoved by everyone.

Merlin   (2001-11-02 13:13) [13]

> than dirty obsmeyvat
This is what obsmeivanie?
> you'd better tell him about his mistakes
I come for the day several. dozens of letters to delphi@mastak.com with "HELP ME !!!". If I answer them, you can just quit the main work, because there is no time left for her.
The worst thing is that 90% of these letters can be directly sent to the FAQ, and only the remaining 10% have really non-trivial questions and can be sent to the Forum.

My message here is for one purpose. What to change on the site so that such programmers could still find the answer to their question ?!

Алексей Петров   (2001-11-02 13:24) [14]

> Dimka Maslov © (02.11.01 13: 03)
To have is not to use. And ideas from the RX can be a good one.

> Alexei © (02.11.01 12: 44)
I would replace the "normal programmer on [Delphi]" with "the novice programmer on [Delphi]". Because very soon with serious work comes the understanding that it is better to use only standard components. And then carefully and not all.

Феликс   (2001-11-02 13:37) [15]

My friend and I participated in one Internet project (for $ :)))). I in this project was responsible for the section of the article and answered the letters of the workers. I must say that the same song was there. The questions are almost the same. The answer to any of them could be found in any FAQ. To each such “writer” I sent a standard text like: “Due to the fact that too many questions come to our address and we cannot answer all of them, we advise you to look at our FAQ [address], and also the following sites, [addresses]. We think that you will find the answer to your question on one of the pages. In addition, we advise you to ask your question on the forum [address] ........ "I think that the answer was probably the maximum 10 % of all those who wrote, however, think that this is the correct form of communication with visitors. On the one hand, this is attention to the problems of your visitors, on the other hand, attracting people to the forum, and finally I am sure that there were those who found the answer to their question through these links.

Shl. The above is my personal opinion. Perhaps this form is not suitable for this site.

panov   (2001-11-02 13:39) [16]

> Felix

I specifically searched in the FAQ and in the forums, but did not find a detailed answer ...

Феликс   (2001-11-02 13:52) [17]

2 panov
Or maybe you wrote this letter? :)))

Alexandr   (2001-11-02 14:06) [18]

I think this is the last stage of cretinism.
here from the same opera

Remember, insurance was in the "field of miracles"
Well, here's another "guess all the letters, but could not read the word"
or here
1. Did not find the book
2. Found a book, but did not find where to read
3. Found where to read, but did not find familiar letters

panov   (2001-11-02 14:38) [19]

> Felix

Romkin   (2001-11-02 14:39) [20]

and if to make a statement board, such as "Urgently required a detailed and complete code to put the program in the tray"
- who wants to pump

Merlin   (2001-11-02 15:04) [21]

What is the application board?

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-11-02 15:10) [22]

Yes, this forum is one big board.

Merlin   (2001-11-02 15:19) [23]

And the whole Internet is one big dustbin :)
There is everything, but to find in it something ... uh ...

Феликс   (2001-11-02 15:23) [24]

I here in Delphi searched and dirtyly stole just such a thing (see below).
Along the way, this is exactly what Merlin's "pen pal" asked. :)))

FIconData: TNotifyIconData;
with FIconData do
cbSize: = SizeOf (FIconData);
Wnd: = Self.Handle;
uID: = $ DEDB;
hIcon: = Forms.Application.Icon.Handle;
StrCopy (szTip, PChar (Caption));
Shell_NotifyIcon (NIM_Add, @FIconData);

Феликс   (2001-11-02 15:28) [25]

Only one question remains! How to remove this icon from there then :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))). I'll write to Merlin, they say that he is happy to answer various questions :)))))))))))))))))

sudiv   (2001-11-02 15:42) [26]

to merlin
> My message here is for one purpose. What to change on the site so that similar> programmers can still find the answer to their question ?!
Can he advise to do Vasik GW for example just.

to Romkin
> "Urgently required a detailed and complete code to put the program in the tray"
So, of all these words, only 1..2,4,7 is clear. He (she?) Will not understand! :)

As I have already said, the forum is a good thing, the forum users rarely share a real code that helps a little shoe with a shoe, but they put a point on my mind. cool.
So let their playwigs think with their heads.
Including where to find something.

PS I apologize if anyone offended. Not by malice.

Romkin   (2001-11-02 15:45) [27]

wish-list, something like this was on http://delphi3000.com
I haven't looked in for a long time, I don't know if there is any now.
The idea is that someone writes a question that requires a detailed answer, the rest vote (set marks from -5 to 5, for example) for the degree of interest, or send an answer.

Romkin   (2001-11-02 16:44) [28]

sorry, http://www.delphi3000.com/MyHome/ArticleRequests.asp

vuk   (2001-11-02 16:46) [29]

I'm telling you, the FAQ people don't like to read ...

fliz   (2001-11-02 16:47) [30]

that's just not necessary to vote on the interesting questions.
I, for example, besides the databases, are of little interest, what is all
Other questions deserve the marks -100 or what?

I think unregistered users when posting a question
It is necessary to recommend to look at the beginning of the Fooka, threatening that
incorrect questions in the style of what to do
will be deleted.

with letters it is possible so. First let them send a request for
a form with empty fields in which to write your question.
and where he was looking for answers. Then the phrase
"I searched all my life in the whole internet".

Kapusto   (2001-11-02 16:49) [31]

This is certainly good, Rom, but imagine - the question scored 5 points, everyone shouts "I want, I want!", But no one is going to answer it ...
PS: I can guess which question will immediately score 5 points :))

asafr   (2001-11-02 16:55) [32]

We must also help such people. Maybe he programs only a month and he is 12. There is the same question from different people so often sound, you know the answer, but already tired to answer. It is necessary to carry out such frequently asked questions separately, not in the FAQ .... Although it will not help: they will still be asked.

Romkin   (2001-11-02 17:03) [33]

2Kapusto - in the same answer
+ it is possible to give the opportunity to the respondent to edit the answer, the rest to comment
As for the fact that no one will answer - insert a question cleaning by prescription, or limit the number of all questions, unpopular ones will leave
voting is not forced, to put in the minus those questions that are absolutely incorrectly put, at your opinion, or just just a plus (+ 1)
and by the way, what prevents the user from registering right away?

Вадим   (2001-11-03 15:35) [34]


Oleg Gashev   (2001-11-03 21:56) [35]

A link is not necessary. To register a new user to require confirmation of familiarization with the FAQ. Which will be a few questions about the Tray. Then ask him more and will not. :))

кто-то из толпы   (2001-11-04 16:40) [36]

Not far off is the fourth (or any) level of compiler programs,
which will not only perceive the voice, but also select the typical
solution for the issue. Then the programmer will not even remember the name.
"Togo" on what he will program. Yes, and probably called him
will not programmeras well "director". And not the whalers, but
the unfortunate compiler will beat asking leading questions to
find out - what really wants User.

Toka mouth open and loaf of bread
In both!


But I wonder which sites were looking for the answer on the tray?

Probably out of habit, for those who are from XXXX or Me Ma Pe Three.

Roma   (2001-11-05 16:42) [37]

> Someone from the crowd © (04.11.01 16: 40)

А compilers (of some kind of level, perceiving the voice) should someone write? ...;))) Masters of the work will be enough ...;)))

I remember one story of my beloved Sheckley. The far means the future ... No one there already learns, and when a certain age is reached, a youth passes a commission that determines their suitability to one or another, after which they listen to a special film in hypnosis, and in 5 minutes they are ready specialist (paraphrasing : "5 minutes of hypnosis - and you are an engineer! ...";)) ​​And one little boy, considering himself smart enough, decided, without going through a commission, to get ready to become a programmer (coincidence, just a coincidence! ...;)) Reads poor fellow books, something programmed there, pushing, puffing up, while peer likened it dragonfly of known fable. And on the commission define it as defective! Completely incapable of any kind of training ... The guy is in shock ...
I will not tell you everything, but in the end everything turns out well - the guy was actually cooler than the stars, higher than the eggs, partially explained to him, and more he himself understood that someone should make and program new films for training and design the appropriate hardware, etc. (technicians, engineers, mathematicians, etc.), someone should sit in this "reception" commission and think about the strategy of future development (sociologists, historians, etc.) And the guy sat down for textbooks, and studied the fixed number years, not five minutes ... And, I suppose, became president, but Sheckley is already silent about this ...;)))

Marser   (2001-11-07 09:53) [38]

The main thing is that he was looking for it, though it wasn’t that there :-)

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