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Nemesis   (2001-10-08 13:02) [0]

Man (Nest) asks for help choosing a mobile phone
Let's help with our own example
Sagem MC 725

Nest   (2001-10-08 13:11) [1]

I just rushed to ask everyone who was not lazy to write about their mobile.
If possible, with arguments and within $ 50- $ 100.
Actually, I don’t buy right now, I think where is the thread closer to November-December, when BI-line arrives in Murmansk to us.
But I begin to look after everything in advance, in order to optimally spend the money.
Perhaps buy in St. Petersburg, there seems to be cheaper.
That suggest?

Kapusto   (2001-10-08 13:11) [2]

Then it’s possible at the same time to indicate the provider / tariff plan / average monthly consumption of attendants for complete certainty

Nest   (2001-10-08 13:14) [3]

Yes yes yes please.

Kapusto   (2001-10-08 13:18) [4]

But in general, you better go to http://www.talk.ru/forum/fido7.xsu.cellular.phones and ask your question there (if you have access to FIDOshny conferences)
Okay about myself
Nokia 3310 / MTS Local / 20 USD (Moscow)

Гриф   (2001-10-08 15:08) [5]

Philips Ozeo / Beeline Professional / 15 Moscow

Григорий Ситнин   (2001-10-08 15:45) [6]

I have an example from which I also copied ... A man for 30 drives a Renault Scenic and AlfaRomeo "156 ... He gave his Samsung tanks for 300-500 (I don’t remember exactly), but he took Ericsson R320s and He says that this is the best phone. The only thing is that he immediately recommends buying a telescopic antenna, then it will be even better to catch.

Nest   (2001-10-08 16:05) [7]

Thank you all.
I want more opinions.

McSimm   (2001-10-08 16:22) [8]

Ericsson - I really like it.
Ericsson A1018s - in particular.
Comfortable, high quality.
Russian font in the menu, in SMS messages.
Although the power consumption lags behind Nokia, for example. (In the sense of charging more often)

Nest   (2001-10-08 17:02) [9]

2Grigory Sitnin ©
Is this a miracle worth two hundred?

Kapusto   (2001-10-08 17:23) [10]

2Nest: Eric 320s in Moscow cost 100 win, but they say that some gray lots of uhh are being handed over for repair in packs ...

frostbite   (2001-10-08 17:24) [11]

Motorola only & forever

Kapusto   (2001-10-08 17:30) [12]

2 frostbite: Argument, plz. What is in the Motor, what is not in Nokia or Siemens ...

Swinger   (2001-10-08 18:46) [13]

Ericsson - I wouldn’t buy now, because This company already six months ago sold all its mobile production to other companies ... And it itself is engaged only in the creation of equipment for mobile phone providers. And from my own experience I can say - they catch terribly in Moscow ... and R310 and R320 ...
Motorolla - So far, I have not met a single good mobile phone with them, so that it catches well, that it has normal sizes, and it would weigh a little ... (I myself sell phones .. not through the store, of course .. :))
Samsung - sucks .. drove ...
Siemens is a very good S35 model .. Functional, small, but buggy siemens come across more often than Nokia. M35 is cheaper, but “shockproof” ... it’s all “shockproof” is that if you throw it from a height of 20 cm, the screen will not break .. :) SL-45 is expensive, inconvenient keys, but why I really like .... :) although dizan is not very ...
And of course Nokia ... :) (my favorite)
3310 is the most popular mobile phone among youth .... (I switched to it myself, having tried almost all the mobile phones in our market) ... No frills like WAP, IR-PORT, etc .. have you ever used? if you need these features - Nokia 6210 ..
3330- - tstoy .. weighs more. It costs a lot more, but there is nobody who needs a vap ....
6210 - by functions like Siemens S35 .. only more beautiful and easier ...
8 *** - they are not very cheap .... they are also very popular in Moscow .. But I don’t really like because of the small keys .. it’s hard to play a snake in a lecture .. :) but the mobiles are small and light ..: )
In general - Nokia is the world leader in sales .. :) trust the leader ... (comparison with Microsoft does not fit here .. :))

Swinger   (2001-10-08 18:55) [14]

Z.Y. Provider - Bee .... I will explain why:
1) Many people tell me that Pchelain’s connection is worse than that of MTS ... well, well ... over the past year and a half, the network has not been overloaded .. even on New Year .. and MTS’s network has been soooo often .. :)
2) MTS tariffs are cheaper .. but it’s twice as expensive as Pchelain ... MTS steals money from my accounts from all my friends and clients ... they charge the subscriber twice instead of once ... sometimes they take a buck for a minute .. this also happens for SMS, etc ... A man left for a month, turning off the phone .. only he knew the pin .. arrives (it was on the account - 20 green) - on the account -6 green ..... removed 26 dollars for no reason .. but try to prove something to them ..... By the way, Pchelain has now introduced new tariffs ... I was a Professional, and switched to Comfort ... the same as Profio al, only vechepam cheaper, and on the weekends .. + y Pchelayny incoming from any mobile operator - for free ... :)))) I think ..

Jey   (2001-10-08 19:08) [15]

If possible, I will give a short comment.
I myself work as a programmer in a store selling consumer electronics
and communications. Sometimes I plug a hole in the graphics of sellers
in the department of computers and cp-in cellular communications. Already changed pieces 10
phones. Now I use Philips Ozeo. Cool device, but
is no longer available, a complete analogue but smaller and more expensive - Xenium.
(by the way, the 500 hour standby battery)
Instead of ozeo now in the line Az @ lis, but they are not very similar.

About Sagem. 725 did not use. used 922. Good
The device, the best in reception of all, probably. If somewhere
he doesn’t accept, then he’s unlikely to live in that place yet
some kind of apparatus. The voice is recognized well
BUT is not a graphic display and, in principle, can not be Russified
(as they say.) and not very comfortable. He died with me, but it was my fault.
costs about 70 ye

Nokia 3310 It seems beautiful. Convenient. Even more. I have
the wife figured it out the first time without instructions, and this
indicator. On this pluses and ended. Probably worse reception
only the Panasonic (but they are more cute :)))). Voice
set 70% true / 30% not true. But it is worth noting that the device
still leaves a good impression. Worth about
130 ye

Ericsson R320. Very functional device. all is well reception
normal, everything is super convenient, voice dialing without
mistakes, the recorder is convenient and high-quality, but ... really big.
At one time, it cost 260 $ and in a week fell to 110 $, and then another
one week before 95 $. Left devices are really 30% cut down,
so it’s better to buy it in a Bi + box for 99 cu, they’re not there
left and not locked and with a guarantee from Beeline. minus -
all erics are very sensitive to water. in the rain when hit
droplets inside the device die very quickly.

Ericsson A1018. Reception is the same as 320 for a minimum of functions.
worth 60ue. The normal version of the cheapest device.
Alternative - Motorola T180 and m3688

>> Kapusto ©
As for Siemens and Motorola, name the models or price category,
I will give you 10 significant differences, and not in favor of Siemens.

Jey   (2001-10-08 19:51) [16]

Well, while the text was typing, they have already added it here.
>> To Swinger.
1) Ericsson - and who makes T39?
2) Motorola V66, Timeport T250, Timeport L7089, V3690 (takes the worst)
3) Samsung - I agree. except A300. He has a slightly better reception
than the rest.
4) S35 and M35 are completely different models.
Differences - voice recorder, voice dialing, lithium battery, IR
port. The case is also waterproof type (from rain) although it is doubtful.
SL45 - mp3 player with a card on 32 meters, therefore expensive and voice recorder
respectively at xnumx hours ... otherwise agree.
5) In Moscow, maybe it takes well, on the street. But if you want not
play snake at lectures and talk - Nokia is not worth buying

Regarding tariffs, I agree in everything. I use Corporate myself.

Merlin   (2001-10-08 23:34) [17]

Nokia 3210 / MTS Youth / 30 Moscow
The old model. But still, I am pleased with him.

ГриинПис   (2001-10-09 03:45) [18]

what are you guys? You risk damn being left without children! All mobile phones - radiate!

Nest   (2001-10-09 09:04) [19]

They say Eric320s - their transmitters are lit.Even regardless of whose assembly is Swedish or Malaysia ...
Your comments ;)

Judith   (2001-10-09 09:51) [20]

Siemens s25 (with a color display which, oh and often have to charge it). The only drawback, in my opinion, is too confused the menu. Some time ago there was an idea to change to Nokia 3310, I just got tired of mine. But she didn’t, because felt that mine is still better. True, I really do not use some functions, for example. The infrared port is even closed with my case, and I only found out about the presence of the recorder two days ago, but it has better reception, and the lithium battery is still better. Tariff MTS-Youth + qualifier.

Nest   (2001-10-09 09:57) [21]

Thank you all!
Still, still, still want!

Swinger   (2001-10-09 10:18) [22]

Point by point:
2Judith: Is a lithium battery better than a nickel ??? What are you? Characteristics of these batteries did not read? Nickel is more resistant to temperature differences and can withstand colder / hotter temperatures !!! Yes, you have to completely annoy and fully charge once a month ... But at the same time, the weight is slightly less than that of lithium: P. I hate a single reason why Lithium would be better.

2Judith: Siemens S25 - A very small and uncomfortable screen ... + an external antenna (I can’t stand them, because I break it all the time. :) I'm tired of driving and repairing Mitino .. :)) and so it's a good phone. ..

2Jey: 1) Т39 is produced under the Erickson logo already by other companies .. i.e. Erickson himself does not control production .. It just sold the trademark on mobile phones to other companies ... :( And at the time the F1018 was such a cool mobile .... I had it first ..;) only again, a small crane and antenna speak against her now .. and weight too. :) and in due time - just a breakthrough!
2) I didn’t say that M35 and S35 are the same .. I just forgot to write the differences .. :) we can say that M35 is like Nokia 3310, and S35 is like Nokia 6210, etc .. it's about functions, not quality .. :)
3) And now about Nokia (my sore topic .. :)): here's an example - we have a rocking chair in the basement ... I have a Bee .. another guy has a Bee + Eric T39 .. next is Bee + Eric P320 .. and one more - Bee + Siemens SL-45 .. The rest of the MTS - and, to put it mildly, they "don’t catch" in this basement .. :) i.e. they can’t even find the operator .. :) My Nokia 3310 has 4 from 4 stripes ... SL-45 also has a full signal ... And Erica barely reaches halfway to the exit ... hmm ... And this despite the fact that Nokia has a built-in antenna ... and everyone says that the built-in ones catch worse .... :) so xs. You can feed for a long time and to no avail .. 8)
4) I never worked with Philips. Therefore, I can not say anything about them.

By the way, what does the phrase "Nokia 3210 / MTS Youth / 30" mean 30? if how much a month, then I have - from 50 to 70. And my brother got the last bill ... .... 2500 $ .. as I saw him, I almost fell off the chair .. :) it’s just internationally that I often need to talk with customers ... :)

Swinger   (2001-10-09 10:20) [23]

I wanted to say A1018 there, not F1018 .. :) it’s hard to write Meski in 10 in the morning, after playing starcraft on the grid until 8 in the morning ... :)

Andrews   (2001-10-09 19:16) [24]

In fact, all phones of the same price group are about the same, so the taste and color (in the literal sense) ...

I (1,5-2year I don’t remember exactly anymore) just a Simens phone. C25 tariff. BEELINE You and Me (Now).

PS For those scooters that I saw you can’t get into the notebook with the click of a button: o (

PPS Friends also complained about the theft of MTS

handra   (2001-10-09 19:33) [25]

Motorola m6088 (Germany) / Beeline Professional / $ 20
- Of all the phones that I saw, the best reception was with my motor (m6088 is StarTac 150) and Nokia 3310 / S35 (I took it worse)
- the most favorable rates - corporate
- in Moscow, the most optimal operator is Beeline (MTS has been messing around for a long time - all my friends have switched to Beeline)

to GreenPis> I have two children

jey   (2001-10-09 20:34) [26]

>> Nest.
Regarding the transmitters at R320. They are easily changed in service centers
if the device is not gray, and more powerful.

>> Swinger
In our store there is a place where the device does not take any. So I'm testing
with my SIM card (Beeline), take the device, call, talk and go to the dead

jey   (2001-10-09 20:38) [27]

I apologize. it accidentally happened. Well, I’m going to a dead center.
Accordingly, the closer I get, the weaker the signal. Eric and Nokia
show about the same, but Nokia starts croaking faster
(3310 / R320). Here it is. By the way, talking normally in
The immediate proximity to the dead point was obtained only with Sagem 922

Михаил Зенкин   (2001-10-10 07:14) [28]

Nokia - rules. My wife 33 — I have a good old 31 — I’m both happy, and most importantly, the connection is excellent not only in the city, but also in the surroundings ... Beeline - suck.
Threat. Omsk

Nest   (2001-10-10 09:16) [29]

> jey
>> Nest.
>> Regarding the R320 transmitters. They are easily changed in service centers
>> if the device is not gray, and more powerful.
And how much will it cost (if there is no guarantee)?

Kapusto   (2001-10-10 10:05) [30]

Yes, I agree, MTS - grandmother commits in black, and I am also thinking about switching to Pchelain, but for me, accurate work in the suburbs is critical ...

Jey   (2001-10-10 10:55) [31]

>> Nest
In the area of ​​50 cu, but why are you tormented, you buy a box of Bi +
and you have a guarantee, repair - 2 of the day, and if you want to buy a used device,
it’s better to find that thread different.

Гриф   (2001-10-10 11:02) [32]

> Mikhail Zenkin © (10.10.01 07: 14)
> Beeline - *****.
You shouldn’t be so. And it's not that I'm a Beeline subscriber. Are normal vocabulary not enough for you to express your opinion ?! And why in the plural?
By the way, I did not know that there was a Beeline in Omsk. Maybe enlighten ...

> jey © (09.10.01 20: 34)
The transmitter is really changing for another, but in Moscow, according to rumors, the queues for service with R320 are huge. :-(

> Kapusto © (10.10.01 10: 05)
And where is the connection interesting? Beeline swears that he is setting up new towers in the suburbs. But the best way to check is to take a Beeline SIM card and chat where you are interested.

Kapusto   (2001-10-10 11:12) [33]

2 Signature: Yes, it’s best ... But something all my friends are sitting on the MTS ... And so I looked, when manually searching for the network at the point of interest to me, both MTS and Beeline grids are visible ...

Nest   (2001-10-10 11:23) [34]

2Jey ©
I don’t know why, but BI is going to come to us in Murmansk only in December.
And then according to rumors ...

handra   (2001-10-10 11:38) [35]

> Kapusto: And also NW GSM - from about June-July this year, the third GSM operator in Moscow (Sonic Duo - Finnish Sonera and MosGorTelegraf).

Гриф   (2001-10-10 12:51) [36]

> handra © (10.10.01 11: 38)
Sonic Duo now serves only roamers from Megafon.
The commercial launch of the network has again been postponed. Coverage in Moscow is disgusting:
only the center and a number of routes are covered (for example, to Sheremetev). He is not a real player in the cellular market of the capital yet.

> Kapusto © (10.10.01 11: 12) At Sotovik, dealers offer cheap
connection to Bi +. Although in Bi + the quality of dialing is worse, but to evaluate the level
signal can. The cost of a set of Bi + GSM in the Mobile Center is $ 10.
($ 5 - on the account).
If you do not feel sorry for the money - you can try.
If you have questions, I’m waiting for the “soap”.

Роллер   (2001-10-14 12:47) [37]

to Grif & Zenkin

As for the Beeline in Omsk - the truth is, there is
as well as the fact that Beeline’s connection is rather unimportant.
BUT want to switch to GSM-1800 or something cooler (I don’t know for sure, but soon)
and this is the range and quality and number of users and, as a result, lower tariffs ...
so not everything is so bad
Zenkin just said a little obscenely but funny.
in Omsk it's funny
sorry if something is wrong

Гриф   (2001-10-15 09:57) [38]

Speaking of Beeline. Moscow Beeline and regional Beeline are two different things.
VimpelCom - owns the Beeline trademark and provides communication
in Moscow and some regions. It also provides the right to use
this brand ("Beeline") to a number of regional operators.
So we have different Beeline. :-)

Good luck.

Михаил Зенкин   (2001-10-15 13:31) [39]

2 Scooter
Yes - they are going to connect users on 1800. Under the brand name Tele-2.

Михаил Зенкин   (2001-10-15 13:47) [40]

And about the quality of services - the insinuations of the MSS just got tired ...

Sergii   (2001-10-17 11:53) [41]

I had handsets in the following order: Siemens C25, Ericson T18, the Nokia 3310 of which I have been using for a year now. C25 for the very first pipe will do. After a month, I want more, because the pipe is empty is absolute. T18 - straining flip and small screen. Plus - there is an optional qwerty keyboard. Who uses SMS will appreciate it. Nokia 3310 - IMHO the best option price / quality. For a little money, a pretty tricked out brand. It’s almost a business class (I don’t just have a voice recorder, an infrared port — I don’t need it), WAP — I don’t need to. The most convenient navigation, high-quality communication, T9 (well, it probably already exists everywhere), a large display, normal batteries, not NiCd, the absence of an external antenna and Nokia in general is Nokia :) Cons - the timer doesn’t show during a call, me it does not bother at all, but if some thread has a tariff with free N - seconds, then it will probably be inconvenient ... I also occasionally twist other hands in my hands. Motorola sucks in my opinion. Navigation is just awful (when you turn it around, there is a GUI vs. Command line association :) and it discourages any further understanding of this handset ... Alcatel - my friend recently bought himself and will not get enough of it. For ridiculous money (~ 80 $) powerful functionality and a generally nice handset. As for exotics like Bosh and other wonders - refuse ... One of my friends took this Bosh for himself, he first had a good call and then a battery. The service center sympathized with him, called the Moscow branch and offered to wait another month or so until the components arrived in Moscow, and then to us ...

CrazyMike   (2001-10-17 12:34) [42]

I don’t understand the passion for Nokia and Samsung, and even more so for Erica, especially when Nokia has a “Price / Quality + Opportunity” ratio that is low to disgrace, and Erica (R350, R320, T10, etc.) receives so many complaints, that about any reliability of TODAY Ericsson products is out of the question. In short. My choice is Sony J5, because for its 150 $ it has all the functions of much more expensive devices, high reception quality, low weight and stylish design. More specifically - www.sonymobile.ru - there are a bunch of answers to most questions regarding Sony.

knight   (2001-10-17 13:10) [43]

I do not use it and so far I am not going to, but for me it is better than Nokia 9210!
With us it costs 14-15 thousand crowns, for yours, if you take the course for 1,5 then
21-22,5thousand, brick of course, but cool!
And if the main size and do not need many functions, then Nokia 3210-8210

CrazyMike   (2001-10-17 13:52) [44]

Dear knight! For that kind of money, you can take something much more powerful and reliable - why buy Nokia for exorbitant money? .. I can’t understand this, you excuse me ... And I still can’t understand people (this doesn’t apply to you) who enjoys talking on a phone the size of a lighter ...
For me, the main thing is Internet services: WAP, POP3, SMTP and, of course, viewing HTML pages. Especially the latter. 9210 can do it too, but it costs 8,5 times more expensive ... What for did it give me? ...

CrazyMike   (2001-10-17 13:58) [45]

... a small addition - Internet services, of course, come after the voice .. =) and I think SMS is a completely useless thing - it's easier to call, I say the same voice. My SMS is used only as a monitoring of network equipment - I get reports from him about work in this form ... and nothing more ...

sudiv   (2001-10-17 14:07) [46]

> I want more opinions.
> More, more, still want!
And here I don’t have a mobile phone and is not expected !!!
And with her there are no such worries !!!

Merlin   (2001-10-17 16:33) [47]

> My SMS is used only as a monitoring of network equipment
> and SMS I think is completely useless thing
Just the opposite, very useful thing! :)

Knight   (2001-10-17 17:18) [48]

I agree, SMS is cool, if there is no mobile phone, there is No and you need someone who has a mobile phone to say something !!!

Sergii   (2001-10-18 00:46) [49]

2 CrazyMike

>> at a low ratio "Price / Quality + Opportunities" - low to disgrace
Compare Nokia and Sony in quality ... Well, then I would compare it with Siemens, otherwise you can compare the company that will deal with communications, probably to expand the range of products offered :) I will refute you about the possibilities below.

>> why buy Nokia for exorbitant money?
What did you compare your SONY with, I hope not with 8850? ;) 3310 breaks your J5 in several ways, for example:

1. Availability of profiles.
2. Normal battery.
3. Voice dialing / commands.
4. Calculator / Currency Converter.

3310 doesn’t only have Wap and fax, well, there’s Wap in 3330, but fax, well, this is absolutely exotic, IMHO :) And mind you, it’s cheaper than Sonya on 20, but 3330 is the same ... Here you have it exorbitant money.

CrazyMike   (2001-11-05 17:03) [50]

Suck the pin, young man, for there is a currency calculator / converter in J5 and profiles are available.
I do not complain about the battery at all. I don’t understand such a perversion as voice dialing or voice commands. to dial a phone number from a notebook in time takes as much as pressing a voice dialing button and pronouncing a subscriber’s name ... Simply put, it’s 3.14dec. =) Absolutely unnecessary function.
So be careful, a young man with such words as "Tear" ... Let’s not I list how many J5 "Tear" (hehe) your 3310 parameters, otherwise the list may be more authentic ... =))

PS: I thought about the calculator for a long time? 8)

CrazyMike   (2001-11-07 10:41) [51]

Yes, I forgot to add: There are still situations when voice dialing can serve, but it makes sense to use it only if you use a headset (aka H / F) in a car. I cannot think of more such situations. In general, voice dialing only makes sense when wearing a headset, for picking up a phone and speaking a microphone into a microphone is really a rotten pont .. =) But wearing a headset just like that, "so you can’t get the phone out of your pocket" is an even more rotten pont. .. A headset is needed only in a car, because without it it is forbidden to steer by law, or it is worn by those who talk for hours on end, but there are few of them and usually the size of their notebook far exceeds the maximum number of possible voice calls that can be assigned to a particular phone.
So voice dialing is practically useless. I'm just silent about voice commands.

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