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Interference in programming .... DENTAL PAIN! Find similar branches

Дремучий   (2001-11-06 20:00) [0]

I today like a shining coin - healed a tooth.
Returned to life, to programming.

Tavai, but what can you hinder in your feat of arms?

drpass   (2001-11-06 20:25) [1]

To work in the morning you need to go - this is the main obstacle in programming.

Иван Шихалев   (2001-11-06 20:36) [2]

Personally, I am disturbed only by myself, but constantly.

Вадим   (2001-11-06 21:13) [3]

Laziness. It is necessary to rise from the couch and sit at the computer ...

Eleonore   (2001-11-07 02:02) [4]

Noisy individuals loudly stomping and slamming the doors :))

Andrey   (2001-11-07 11:00) [5]

Loudly, and most importantly, constantly communicating with each other person. Especially when these personalities are my superiors (they don’t ask them to shut up).

I also quietly curse when I see a form for entering information with 130 TDBEdit, which are called DBEdit1, DBEdit2 ... DBEdit130.

Sometimes it prevents the presence of a ball Internet (but more often it helps).

In general, I wake up every morning (on 7 in the morning) with the thought "Damn my favorite work."

Knight   (2001-11-07 13:45) [6]

Limited time and the absence of our teacher, who understands what programming is!

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Forum: "Grab";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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How to create a color cursor in Borland Image editor

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Tell me, is there a DsgnIntf ​​unit in D6?

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