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Виктор Щербаков   (2001-11-01 12:40) [0]

Where can I get recovery software oiled photos?
1) Lubrication is obtained when the lens moves during shutter speed.
2) The lubricant is straightforward and close to uniform.
Maybe someone came across something like that?

Recovery programs for old, highlighted, etc. do not offer photos. I'm only interested in lubrication.

Станислав   (2001-11-01 12:53) [1]

I think that there is a thread, there’s a very complicated algorithm.
For working with photos, I haven’t seen better photoshop, I have been working with it for a long time and hard to process photos.

Виктор Щербаков   (2001-11-01 12:59) [2]

The fact is that I myself have been engaged in a subject for some time.
There are some results. I would like to see alternatives.

Станислав   (2001-11-01 18:42) [3]

In principle, I think that all problems can be solved, except for lubrication.
Somewhere in the internet there is even a filter to restore overexposed films.

Imageman   (2001-11-07 13:15) [4]

I, too, have been dealing with the problem of improving images for a couple of years (somewhat sluggishly). At the moment, I am developing an algorithm for improving video. The problem is VERY complicated, but according to some reports it is completely solvable.

You can try to go here:


You can submit such a request: "(improvement | restoration | restore) / 16 (video | images | drawings | photos | photograph | photograph | photo | video) -store -shop -scanner -printer -monitor -electrical -goods -chipset -TV "

My ICQ 8997235

Wizard_Ex   (2001-11-07 14:03) [5]

Try Photoshop
preferably version no lower than 6,0 - a more normal and convenient interface

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