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MIFI   (2001-11-04 02:34) [0]

People tell me, if anyone knows how to find a person (do not use ICQ)
first and last name is known, you need to find out the email address

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-11-04 15:56) [1]

Search engines, primarily directory services

drpass   (2001-11-04 21:57) [2]

What problems? Hack providers' databases and sort them one by one in a loop. As soon as the expression (name_in_cracked_database = search_name) is true, remember the name of the current provider in a variable of type IProvider, and exit the loop. Then, using the TNMSMTP component, you break the SMTP server of this provider and find out the soap of your person (probably looking for a girl? Guessed?;)
Here, everything is simple, and even a child can handle it. If anything, write, I’ll throw the source

MIFI   (2001-11-04 22:23) [3]

to drpass
I guessed about the girl, but there’s no desire to break anyone,
and I already know the provider.

Kornet   (2001-11-05 08:45) [4]

Yandex - there is everything !!! :)

поручик Пулковский   (2001-11-05 13:55) [5]

VChK -> OGPU -> NKVD -> KGB -> FSB

Though anyone will get anyone out of the ground

Kornet   (2001-11-05 15:14) [6]

A poor girl.... :)

Knight   (2001-11-05 16:11) [7]

A finger does not go?

drpass   (2001-11-05 23:03) [8]

The girl is not poor - if for my sake someone was ready to redirect the entire Internet, I would definitely fall in love with him :)
But no one just gives human soaps on the Internet. And they’re doing it right - there are two hundred spammers per one lover.
By the way, I received a letter asking me to send the source code of the program according to the above algorithm ... Maybe someone else should throw the source code of the utility for transferring Bill Gates to Sberbank?

Дремучий   (2001-11-05 23:16) [9]

2 drpass © (04.11.01 21: 57)
>> If anything, write, I’ll throw the source
Your words? or wanted to sketch a cool kid?
everything is not easy with you, but very simple;)
>> Hacking provider bases ...
>> Then using the TNMSMTP component you break the SMTP server of this provider ...

drpass   (2001-11-05 23:37) [10]

to dense
If a person knows so many buzzwords, like SMTP, "database", etc., then he, without bluffs, super cool kid.
By the way, back in that year, I found on the SMTP server of one of the small providers the oldest version of sendmail, in which I / O redirection has not yet been fixed. And what do you think? There is some truth in every joke - it was quite possible to get a list of users from this piece of iron even using TNMSMTP

MJH   (2001-11-06 16:20) [11]

But isn’t it easier to go to this provider and ask in the technical department, citing so many important reasons?

Дремучий   (2001-11-06 16:44) [12]

2 drpass © (05.11.01 23: 37)
maybe I won’t argue, but throw words about the fact that
share the source code, I advise you more carefully, otherwise lamers, like me,
throw letters in your mailbox.
for example, I don’t need these source codes ... I just don’t like it,
when the cool guys build cool peppers out of themselves. Seen enough in
in childhood, Indian films - hence the heightened sense of justice.

2 MJH ©
>> But isn’t it easier ...
What about soap on yahoo?

SV   (2001-11-06 23:41) [13]

1) MIFI aren't you from MEPhI?
2) (On the example of Russia, On Line).
You call the support service and in a secret (plaintive) voice inform that you sow your password and ask to be reminded of it. After that, they asked me if I could call back at the phone number indicated at registration, which should be asked:
- And what phone did I indicate there?
Ahhh ... no, I'm in a different place now. Then I'll call you back later.
Thank you.

PS To avoid trouble, dial 3-4 zero at the end of the number. Helps from caller ID |; | -)

That's the whole hacking provider. (What do you want, human factor ...)
How lel signed:

- "I wish you good luck in dark affairs.
Regards, Alexey."
|: | -)

MIFI   (2001-11-07 00:24) [14]

1) No, I'm not a myth
2) when the first registration took place a cell phone was indicated
which is now hanging on my belt (it happened without any bad intentions there) so you can call, but only now that person
pays through cards.

Merlin   (2001-11-07 04:20) [15]


SV   (2001-11-07 21:44) [16]

Merlin - there is everything!

MJH   (2001-11-08 01:12) [17]

2 Nimble:
here is what MIFI wrote:
I guessed about the girl, but there’s no desire to break anyone,
and I already know the provider.
Duc, if we are talking about the provider, and not about the server on the Internet, then most likely the soap from the provider in his city

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